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by Anne Wirtz
December 2000

A tall blonde Scandinavian girl, born December 1975, visited me because of eczema She has had the condition all her life, but it is now expanding. She has it under her hair and severe cracks behind her ears.
"I almost lost my ear when I was young".

She has dry eczema in her pubic hair area, both nostrils and in her eyebrows. She is tempted to scratch. For 6 months she is living in Amsterdam and does Buddhist Vipassana courses in meditation. During this time the eczema aggravated.

She is the only child of divorced parents.
"I hated my home town very much. I was different. You had to behave in a certain way to be accepted. Dad was gone and didn't want to see me. I used to be afraid of him. He was a very cruel man."
"My mother? I used to hate her when I was young. Her boyfriend was alcoholic and a heavy smoker. She left me mostly alone because she and her friend spent a lot of time at a cottage in the countryside. My grandmother, who was a bit schizophrenic, lived around the corner and I went there often to sleep. She gave me lots of pills and sweets, especially chocolate. I was very close to my granddad, he was like a father to me. I stayed with him every weekend. During the last years we lost contact because we didn't talk. My grandparents were separated."
"I feel blocked emotionally. My boyfriend confronts me and tries to force me to feel. He is from Morocco. Previously nobody confronted me like this."

"No relationship worked. The first one started at 15 and lasted 3 years. We were always together. He was a soft guy. I didn't have anything else...we lived for each other in a symbiotic way, then we broke up. I was not allowed to look at other boys, he got jealous. After that I went out with some friends to disco's. People liked me, I was opening up. At home I was totally depressed. I felt rejected. I tried to be good, to be accepted. If you are down people let you go because you’re not such good company. I was very shy at school, till about 17. My ambition was to get out of there and meet other people."

"I always saved money. I didn't need material things. I wasn't worth it. Every year my ex-boyfriend and I tried to start our relationship again for some weeks, but it didn't work anymore. Now I work in the Buddhist centre, for free. I felt that this is the right path, but it is confusing. Everything is nothing!! etc."

"My boyfriend now, S., earns the money. I try to accept myself. I feel guilty that he loves me more than I love him, I pull back. I had no anger for years, but with this man I feel many emotions, mostly what we call negative."

"In November 2000 I had a bladder infection for 1 month. I have had this regularly since my youth. I took chamomile tea, antibiotics didn't work; I used to be sick all winter till 1997: tonsillitis, herpes on the lips, and aphthae. In 1996 I got contraceptive plasters because I forgot to take the Pill several times. My periods were irregular. I had gonorrhoea and chlamydia and had a lot of antibiotics in my life."

Digestion is slow and my stomach quickly distended. "I am slightly allergic to buckwheat. I can have sudden attacks of hunger." Chilly.
"Hobbies? Meditation, swimming, painting and reading."

I gave her Graphites LM 1

February 2001, 2nd consultation:

She feels better. She had a 16-day holiday in her country. "They were happy to see me.”
The face looks better, but behind the right ear there are cracks with some yellow discharge and the skin is scaly just like the neck, but not itchy. "I have a wider view now, I think. I wanted to change things in my life, but I am more relaxed now. The relationship is much better, we focus more on the love and good things. The emotional exchange is better. We plan to go to my home country. He is here illegally, so there are things to be arranged. I want to start a business there, a vegetarian café restaurant with a meditation-room etc."

"No bladder problems, but the right ovary is a bit painful when I touch my belly. Nose is blocked a bit and dry. Inside my right nostril hurts. My digestion is not good: bloated feeling after eating, no flatulence. I can feel full from drinking. I don't feel hungry. I try to deny it. The left inguinal region is painful. Sometimes I cannot walk after getting up. I feel some glands there, especially these last weeks. Sleep is good."
Dreams about ”water, a ship and big waves coming over it, like the Titanic – it’s frightening. "I solve things in my dreams."


Although she feels better I am convinced that there is a better remedy.
Then I recognized the characteristics of Naphtalinum (see the first Naphtalinum case in the July edition ->

So I gave her NAPHTALINUM 200k

3rd consultation: 5 weeks after the remedy.

"I feel much stronger in myself. I stopped the Buddhist Centre visits. The eczema went totally away after the remedy. First I felt strange, shaky, not bad, but as if I had no control over my movements, but in reality everything moved normally. I slept for 4 hours after that. At the end of the 1st week the eczema came back a bit so I repeated the remedy, and this cleaned everything up again."

"They told me that I have more self-confidence. I feel extremely strong!! I started to doubt my relationship ...in Scandinavia we have different ideas. If I tell him 'don't worry about me', he takes it as an insult and is upset. Everything is changing. I am babysitting now, they pay me very well. "

"S. likes romantic things which I don't like. He buys me things, calls me sweet words, he wants to hug me and kiss me. But I don't like kissing, I never did. It doesn't give me any good feeling, so why should I do it? I cannot fake. Sex is a big issue. I don't feel like it...If I do it for him he is angry. I never want it, but sometimes I give in. There are more interesting things than sex. Something creative which gives energy, sex doesn't give me that, it’s just pleasure for the moment.
Why? I was using sex for unworthy reasons, to get some kind of acceptance from boys/men. I never liked kissing!!"

Urination?      Every hour, at night 2-4 x, but not painful.
Nose?       No longer blocked; right nostril is red the last week, touch and discharge hurts a bit.
Inguinal region?       No more pain. Distention still after supper, maybe after fats…
Desire for sweets is much less.
The last week swollen throat glands after 'fighting' with S., “only verbally. I used to go away instead of fighting, but I face confrontation now.”

About 5 weeks later she left the country together with her boyfriend. She felt fine. She took some Naphtalinum 200K with her just in case and promised to contact me if needed.

Although the follow-up is not very lengthy, the change after the Naphtalinum was so clear that I wanted to show this case anyhow!

In Synthesis 2 by Frans Vemeulen is mentioned the 'aversion coition' for Naphtalinum, like Petroleum and Kreosotum: all of them carbonic remedies!!!

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