2006 August
Cadmium sulfuratum, Bell's Palsy Treated with
Keywords: Cadmium sulphuratum, paralysis, bell's palsy
Cerium carbonicum
Cerium carbonicum, by Anne Wirtz
Keywords: Cerium carbonicum, diarrhea
Naphtalinum/2, by Anne Wirtz
Keywords: eczema, cystitis, aversion sex, naphtalinum
Bowel Nosodes, My clinical experiences
Keywords: bowel nosodes
Bowel nosodes: A group of neglected remedies
Keywords: vaccination,antibiotics,chronic diseases, weakening of the vitality, bacteria metabolism, gastrointestinal, tract, GIT, bowel, bowel disease, bowel nosode, non-lactose fermenting flora of the intestinal tract, Bacillus, B. Coli, J.Paterson, E.Bach, vital force, non-lactose fermenting organisms
Hummingbird for ADHD
Hummingbird for ADHD, by Sally Williams
Keywords: ADHD, Ritalin, craving for sugar,
Calypte Anna: Hummingbird
Calypte Anna: Hummingbird, by Sally Williams
Keywords: hummingbird, Calypte Anna, autistic, idiot savant, sugar sensitive, lack of masculinity, high energy food
Suicide, Guilt and Bismuthum
Keywords: suicide, guilt, Bismuthum, Bismuthum salts
Editorial August 2006
Editorial August 2006, by Anne Wirtz
Keywords: editorial