June 2015
Editorial: homeopathy from
Keywords: editorial
Night terrors and developmental delay in a child with cerebral palsy
Keywords: cerebral palsy, developmental delay, night terrors, constipation, tantrums
Three cases of recurrent cystitis
Keywords: cystitis, hypertension, hysterectomy, hot flushes, bladder infection, sporty, tension, anticipation, apprehension, anxiety, Scholten’s Plant theory
Babbles and bubble: a case a Cerium carbonicum
Keywords: speech therapy, auto-immune, stubborn, slow development, isolation, lanthanide, independent, intelligent
An unusual case of a well-kown remedy
Keywords: bowel incontinence celiac disease, gluten free, chalk, art, ghosts, tummy aches, pinching pain
The pain of adolescence; a growing problem
Keywords: adolescence, self-harm, isolation, teenager, emotional pain, withdrawn
Purpura hemorrhagica: a case of Ledum
Keywords: purpura hemorrhagica, bruising, purple discoloration, swelling, ecchymosis, insect bites, rheumatism
Perthes disease and behavioural issues: a case of RNA
Keywords: Perthes disease, limp, pain, stiffness, behavioural issues, meltdown, angry, cracking, bone graft
Severe gout pain: a case of Asterias rubens
Keywords: gout, swollen, throbbing, impatience, uric acid, pulsation, purines
Book review: Homeophathic remedy pictures by V. Mathison and F. Kusse
Keywords: book review