June 2015

Editorial: homeopathy from "down under"

by Jennie Rassel

We have another “down under” issue this month, with cases from homeopaths in far flung New Zealand. Our isolation with miles of ocean surrounding us means that we treasure contacts achieved by the internet, the wonderful publications we subscribe to, and the occasional visitor who braves incredibly long flights to reach our shores.
Alongside the instant contact modern technology provides, the shadow side confronts us. The issues of the world are on TV screens in our living rooms and on the smart phones in our pockets. As a result, the situations here, down under, are the same the world over: sceptics attack our philosophy and the media ridicules our methods. Our patients, however, know the experience of healing, and that fact alone keeps us doing what we love and must do.

Joelle Smaniotto Gorton has been working with a child with cerebral palsy and developmental delay, describing the remedies used and the beautiful improvement in her quality of life. Tricia Curtis did not select the remedy for her three cases of cystitis using Jan Scholten’s Plant theory, but instead, used the ‘signature’ of the plant. She found, however, that Scholten's theory would have identified the remedy as well. Another case of developmental delay is presented by Gerda Waalwijk with a particular focus on speech. A sensitive teenager with such extreme issues of self-esteem meant that Judy Coldicott had to work with her mother to prevent life threatening harm. A ‘pixie child on a pearl’, with a fascination for drawing using chalk, was the clue unlocking the case for Vicki Mathison. Gwyneth Evans had to sleep on the problem of a child with purpura haemorrhagica before the remedy became clear. Lynn Smith found the key to a case of Perthes disease in the drawings and descriptions made by the child during the interview. Finally, an acute case of gout was resolved when Kim Hutchings identified the remedy from an unusual marine organism.

We hope that you enjoy this selection of cases, a snapshot of practical homeopathy from New Zealand.

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Sue Spurling
Posts: 1
Reply #1 on : Tue June 09, 2015, 00:48:20
A lovely introduction and context, Jennie, for putting NZ in both it's isolation and connection with the rest of the world together with some very interesting cases. It is really heartening to see our local homeopaths doing such wonderful work and linking it to what is going on in Europe and elsewhere. Thanks, Jennie.