2011 January
Editorial: the Papaveraceae family
Editorial: the Papaveraceae family, by the editorial team
Keywords: Papaveraceae
A case of seronegative arthritis
Keywords: seronegative arthritis, intolerable pain, hopeless, sensitive, numb, calm
Out of breath and fear of falling after an accident
Keywords: chronic bronchitis, out of breath, fear of falling, snoring, insensitive to pain, bluish face
The welcoming brother at the Church door
Keywords: tiredeness, allergies, irritability, bronchitis, right-sided headache, low libido
Fleeing from pain: seven short cases of Opium
Keywords: shock, pain, trauma, constipation, snoring, depression, burns, narcolepsy, hypersensitiviy to sound
Book review: A Wander With a Little Wonder by Dinesh Chauhan
Keywords: case witnessing method
Jan's column: What does it mean: homeopathy treats the patient but not the disease?
Keywords: homeopathy, patient, disease