2010 May

Jan's column: tribute to Tinus Smits

by Jan Scholten


                                                                       Tinus Smits


 On April the first, Tinus Smits passed away and it is a great loss for homeopathy. Tinus has been promoting homeopathy for more than 20 years, with great endeavor and persistency. He has helped to develop homeopathy in Nepal. He is a great homeopath.

Some homeopaths question his contribution to homeopathy. He has developed his system to overcome the negative effects of vaccinations and has had great success with it, for instance in autism. Sometimes, one can hear that this technique is not true homeopathy but isopathy. His results, however, were very good, even spectacular sometimes. So, he is a great homeopath.

Tinus also used vitamins and minerals in his treatment. One can say that this is not homeopathy but he used it as an addition to his homeopathic treatment. He was very convinced that this addition would lead to better results. I think we can be grateful for his experiences and his willingness to share them with us and for us to see what we can learn from them and how we can apply his ideas in our own practices. Many of his patients are very grateful for what he did for them and their children. He is, indeed, a great homeopath.


                                                              inspiring homeopathy


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