2010 May
Editorial, by Deborah Collins and Patricia Maché
Keywords: editorial
Lilac beauty (Apeira Syringaria): case and proving
Keywords: aesthetics, yearning for beauty and harmony, loss of energy, agitation, instability, family problems,
Beryllium nitricum for social phobia
Keywords: social phobia, vengefulness, anxiety
Brachyglottis repens in children; six cases solved with the aid of colour preference
Keywords: father figure, spastic constipation, infections with high fever, color preference
Brachyglottis repens
Brachyglottis repens, by Martin van de Meer
Keywords: father figure, cystitis, sinusitis, digestive problems, trigeminal and brachial neuralgia, restlesness
Brachyglottis repens: three cases
Brachyglottis repens: three cases, by Maarten van de Meer
Keywords: spastic colon, bursitis, earache, father, dependent, aggression, threats, bedwetting
Jan's column: tribute to Tinus Smits
Keywords: column