2009 October
Trituration Proving of the Light of Saturn
Trituration Proving of the Light of Saturn, by Patricia Maher
Keywords: trituration proving, trituration proving, Light of Saturn, planetary light, eroticism and earthiness, Pan/horned god, "high" feeling, time, death, disasters, accidents, superhuman strength, numbness, itching, head pain
Carbon, the feeling of
Carbon, the feeling of, by David Quinn
Keywords: carbon, forsaken, deserted, discarded, outcast, carbo vegetabilis, Jan Scholten, Rajan Sankaran, Jeremy Sherr, Earnest Farrington, James Kent, Samuel Hahnemann, Edward Whitmont, Earnest Farrington, George Vithoulkas, Didier Grandgeorge, Catherine Coulter, Ananda Zaren, Carlyon, Frans Vermeulen, Philip Bailey, H.C. Allen, S.R. Phatak
Remedy Pictures, Development of
Keywords: remedy pictures
Latrodectus  Mactans case
Latrodectus Mactans case, by Deborah Collins
Keywords: latrodectus mactans, Black Widow spider, wired
Thulium iodatum
Thulium iodatum, by Pieter Kuiper
Keywords: migraine, Thulium iodatum, Spigelia, Loganiaceae, Samarium muriaticum
Editorial October 2009
Editorial October 2009, by Jan Scholten
Keywords: editorial