2009 October

Editorial October 2009

by Jan Scholten
In this issue of Interhomeopathy we have an article about the proving of the light of Saturn. This can raise a lot of discussions, both from the homeopathic world and from the so called "scientific" community.

In the homeopathic community there are people who have great objections to the imponderables: potentizations of light, radiation, magnetic fields and the like. The imponderables are so called as they have no weight, no "pond", like light has no weight. The objection is mostly that such remedies are "nothing", they are not made from something substantial. The most curious thing is that those adversaries are mostly found in the group of "classical" homeopaths, the real followers of Hahnemann. But Hahnemann himself was not against those remedies at all. He made remedies from magnets, the magnetic poles of a magnet and called them Magneitis polis arcticus fro the north pole and Magnetis polis australis for the south pole.

Objections from the "scientific" community are quite similar, stating that such remedies are made from nothing, ridiculing those strange remedies as Sol, the light of the sun. First of all it is rather strange that they should have more problems with imponderables than with other remedies. For them there is "no-thing" in remedies at all, so nothing from nothing can hardly be seen as more ridiculous than just nothing.

But a closer look will reveal that the differences with "hard" science are not that big. In astronomy the light of stars and planets is selected and amplified in telescopes and then further analyzed in spectroscopes and the like. In homeopathy the same is done with the light of a star or planet. The concentrated light is send through a water that afterward will be potentized.

We can see in these objections the fear of doing something which is not "real", meaning material. It has in it the fear to be ridiculed for "believing" something not existing, immaterial. This is a strong tendency in our culture: the materialism paradigm denies everything immaterial as non-existent, the idea of man only being a machine and everyone who has different experiences or idea will be ridiculed. This fear is not only prevailing in the "scientific" community, but also in the homeopathic one. Many homeopaths have a fear of not being seen as real scientist, of not being taken serious.

But all the above is just theory. What really matters is if it works. If a remedy can cure diseases it doesn't matter how it was prepared. So let us just look at the effects and see what the light of Saturn can bring.

The team of Interhomeopathy wishes you much reading pleasure.

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Reply #1 on : Wed October 07, 2009, 12:48:12
Thank you, Jan, for your affirmation of the potential value of imponderabilia,

Sujit Chatterjee shared a beautiful case of Sol and explored attributes of imponderables in general, For Sujit,

Attributes of Imponderabilia:

Present anytime, anywhere, in anywhere
Spreading and disseminating
Passing through matter; not obstructed by anything, has access to everything
Beyond matter, living as well as non-living
Not matter, but can affect matter

People who need these remedies may have an unworldly quality about them, stemming from a deep identification with a property or principle that transcends not just earth but all physical properties related to structure.

Finally, Jan, I want to express my appreciation to you for establishing this forum, and for your contributions to our collective endeavors, revolutionary in depth and scope, but evolutionary in terms of building upon homeopathy’s most essential insights and principles.

Doug Brown