2008 March
6th Chakra potency
6th Chakra potency, by Margriet Plouvier Suijs MD
Keywords: Colocynthis, chakra, Ajna, Mercurius
Homeopathy and the Integration of feelings -5-
Keywords: cancer, perfectionism. ringworm, lycopodium, typhoid, Frans Vermeulen, Dr Chawla, S R Phatak, Dr Banerjee, Carroll Dunham, Samuel Hahnemann, Rajan Sankaran, the acute miasm, cholera, malaria
Staphysagria in Lost Childhood Case
Staphysagria in Lost Childhood Case, by DR. Manish Panchal
Keywords: childhood
Disease as creative expression of the Soul
Keywords: disease, soul expression, Barbara Brennan, Richard Gerber, Anodea Judith, Herbert Roberts, Rajan Sankaran, Jan Scholten, delusions, cancer, susceptibility, drugs, addiction, Edgar Cayce, Marciniack, quest
Absinthium in Migraine headaches
Absinthium in Migraine headaches, by Kellie Kirkpatrick
Keywords: absinthium, migraine
Plumbum_The mask, a case of
Plumbum_The mask, a case of, by Fredy Cesar Erazo
Keywords: pyelonephritis, blindness, paralysis, mask, Stage 14, Plumbum
Ficus Religiosa as growth hormone
Ficus Religiosa as growth hormone, by Dr.Chetna N.Shukla
Keywords: Religious, Spiritual, Ficus, Fearless, Father, Generous, Diksha/Renounce world, Like God
Editorial March 2008
Editorial March 2008, by Jan Scholten
Keywords: Editorial, statistics, Rct, double blind study, complex, reduction, black box, case studies, materialism