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Plumbum_The mask, a case of

by Fredy Cesar Erazo

A 56 year old patient who comes for a visit with chronic cystitis. Her problem started 35 years ago, after she married, having every time similar symptoms: fever, pain after urination, trickle and blood in the urine and two or three times per year, the cystitis ended up in pyelonephritis, what made necessary her entrance in hospital… the bacterial culture of the urine gave positive and yielded to antibiotics, but surely reappeared.
She has received many medical treatments, gall bladder and bacteriological exams, that she does not remember. The last time, seeing that she was always given the same treatment, she decides to consult with us.

Medical records: 4 years ago she goes blind on the right eye, which progress on a right hand paralysis and feebleness and atrophy of the right leg. The neurologist said that it was a possible sclerosis(?). it was treated with steroids, with which she improved. She has followed under the same control, but without relapses until this moment.
She has been operated of bilateral venous insufficiency 10 years ago.
Her teeth were damaged, “they fell to pieces” in her youth, for which reason she has dental implants.
Hair loss since she remembers, being now very scant and profoundly grey.
Chronic constipation, which improves with whole-grain cereals, but never dissipate.
Progressive loss of memory, since she was little; she could not study, besides that she did not like it, she retained nothing learned.

Personal story: She is the younger of three children, but she was the one who would always help in the farm works, not only because she did not like school, but also because her father said that she was of his children the most lively and the better prepared because she was strong and never complained. Once at home she helped her mother, she went out to sell at the marketplace since very little. When she was 13 years old her father died, and because of the economic situation they were into, they established themselves in Madrid, Spain's capital, where she finds easily a job in a shop. 7 years after she marries the owner of the shop where she is the only employee. One year after marriage they have a daughter, and without rest, she continues to work from Monday to Sunday, until one year ago, that his husband, 10 years older than her, decides to sell the business and live from the savings, what they have been doing until this moment.

Mood: she only relates having “numb days” once in a while. Not knowing for which reason, she does not want to get out of bed, she would cry over the slightest thing (without motive), and nevertheless she gets up and works, because she needs to look after her daughter, her husband, the shop, and without her, nothing works well, as her husband relates.

Marriage: married 36 years ago, her intercourse have always been painful ever since, because of lack of lubrication, but she fulfils her husband’s desires without complaining. She had only one daughter, because as she would not sleep at all and would cry night after night, she decided that she was the one and only. Her daughter, who is very independent, almost ignores them. She feels that her daughter is at home only because she does everything, but she does not show any filial love.

SLEEP-DREAMS-FEARS-PERSPIRATION-WEATHER-TIME-DESIRES-AVERSION-FOOD-MENTAL-IRRITABILITY-ETC...nothing is relevant, for her it is the same if it is hot or cold, food she eats little, without preferences. She perspires little, in short she does not dream and have never dreamed, she has no fears, nothing at all.

It took me two years to understand this patient and the patience that this good woman had and the faith she laid on us that we could cure her, among other reasons because she had no more doctors to visit, and most important of all, that from the first visit she did not repeat infections.

I made a symptomatic prescription of berberis and later on of calcarea fluorica, because she referred once a detail, “she was miserly”.
The bacterial culture of the urine continued to be positive, despite that she did not feel any discomfort, nor infection.
I knew I was doing a palliative, but I was unable either to reason one story nor making an analysis, and I neither wanted to repertorize, they were all common symptoms, hair loss, teeth loss, bad memory, chronic constipation,…

But her history, it never changed, there were no details, until one visit, in which she came up in one of those “numb days”, and she came accompanied by her husband, at that time happened two things: first, her husband told me the history of her sclerosis with paralysis, that for the patient was not important, and second, and most important for me, was that, as we spoke, she started losing tears, that could not be called crying, tears only rolled down her cheeks without any gesture on her face, without changing her expression, and it was then that I reflected upon it, the patient did not change her expression when she spoke, her face remained always with a slight smile and with slightly frightened eyes, as she had on a cariátide, the mask that classic Greek actors wore, that they used to hide their faces and reflect a unique emotion, laughter, sadness, joy, crying, without changing.

It was not the inexpressive face of a schizophrenic patient, this was an expression, but it was frozen, lifeless, like paralyzed, as if she wore a mask.

One of my professors said that we should only ask God for one thing, that the patient would say one word, or in this case, that she showed one gesture, with which I would be able to cure her. And this was finally what I had seen in this patient.

Then I remembered the chapter about masks that I had once read in Homeopathy and Elements and with a lot of hurry I searched in the Index of concepts, page 872, and fortunately there it was, “the mask. Plumbum, stage 14”….
And the rest was a piece of cake: the paralysis, the hanging of her right wrist, her right thigh atrophy, the loss of vision in the right eye, besides the hair loss, the bad memory, the damaged teeth, and the most important thing, her history arose with a true thread, I couldn’t have said it better myself, always being manipulated by others, always conducted as to fulfill other’s will, her father, her husband, her daughter, as if she were a puppet and she allowing every time, without even showing any irritation, with her best expression, that was fixed on her face, immutable, from showing it all the time.

It looked much alike a medical profile of a patient Natrum Muriaticum, only that she did speak, but with no depth, not giving any relevance to anything, in a very impersonal way, in fact she had even considered that the thing about her sclerosis did have no relevance at all: her right side was paralyzed and she went blind for a month, she couldn’t move her hand, she couldn’t walk, and as she got better, she just forgot it. Simply as that.

Plumbum belongs to the stage 14, of the gold series, Scholten describes it as the Diplomat.

That she did not show any symptom, no modality, that she did not have any dream, corresponds with this description of the stage 14: “They are conventional people, conforming to the rules…” and most important in this case, “eventually we only see the outside, a façade, a mask”. And what was really very impressive to me is that the theory and the practice were so real, because she had always wore a mask but I was not able to see it, until two years after!! It was this perfect!!

A month after taking Plumbum metallicum 1 LM.
She presented a medical profile of cystitis after two years relatively without symptoms: Fever started and all the previous symptoms. I had to calm her down and reassure her we were on the way to the real healing.
The next month, a new bacterial culture of the urine finally gave negative for the bacteria.

Three days after the result of the exam, she slept 24 hours, she had another “dumb day”, but this time she did not get up, she slept through all day and night, and when she woke up on the next day, she opened her window’s curtains and suddenly all became full of light and like in a dream, she remembered that it was this same light the one she had seen when she was very small and then all her world had turned grey, as if someone had put on her some dark glasses when she was small and since that moment they had broken and finally she could see. She told me this while she smiled, finally, with a truthful smile: she had taken off the mask.

F.Cesar Erazo,MD.
fredy_cesar@ hotmail.com

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