2007 January
Gallium - Metals in pediatric daily practice
Keywords: gallium, obstinacy, dyslexia
Helleborus and Homelessness
Helleborus and Homelessness, by Sally Williams
Keywords: Homelessness, Helleborus, neglectful parents,
Factors to increase the risk of Autism
Keywords: poisoning, thimerosal, MMR vaccine, Pervasive Developmental Delay, wet stools, stopped breathing, autism, tylenol, striking the head
Cuprum, Simple case of Autism
Cuprum, Simple case of Autism, by John Melnychuk
Keywords: autism, violent to others, cuprum, morbillinum, measles, rubeola, asphyxia, vaccine injury, aroxysms, spasms of violence
Resonance and pain
Resonance and pain, by Melanie Grimes
Keywords: resonance, mistunement, disease, cure, suppression, pain, symptom, whole person
Provings_Theory of
Provings_Theory of, by Jan Scholten
Keywords: Proving, Hahnemann, Sherr, disturbance, Shore, Vermeulen, Jürgen Becker
Melaleuca lanceolata proving
Keywords: Proving, Melaleuca lanceolata
Editorial January 2007
Editorial January 2007, by Anne Wirtz
Keywords: Editorial, proving