2007 January

Editorial January 2007

by Anne Wirtz
First I would like to wish you all a very happy and fruitful 2007.

I hope we will contribute to the quality of homeopathic knowledge, which is what we aim with Interhomeopathy. We hope also that our platform will attract more articles to share cases and exchange visions.

As you will see in this issue one of the articles contains a proving of Melaleuca lanceolata (one of the Myrtaceae, like Tea tree).
This happens to be a picture-proving, held during a seminar.
The participants concentrate on the flower or plant projected on a big screen. By tuning-in on the picture, participants can experience emotional, mind and physical symptoms. These are written down, shared and gathered. And they can be basic material to distinguish the Similimum in a parallel case.
Many times the question has been brought up in discussions how remedies should be tested and what kind of proving should be acceptable.
Some colleagues condemn any aberration of the Hahnemann proving protocol.

I personally am very content with picture and meditation provings. I have experienced the wonder of them, their strong and clear impressions. The results can be wonderful and striking, especially in a group with colleagues/friends. Often one of us recognized it as a perfect remedy for one of his patients. And indeed, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. The healed cases are the proof to any previous proving. So the healed symptoms can be taken into the repertories.

This is a time of expanding knowledge and methods. Picture provings are just one of these new methods. Just as is analysis of remedies through system and family thinking. This gives the possibility to prescribe a (rather) unknown remedy with conviction, through knowledge of the science of natural phenomena and logical thinking. We will be less dependent of the extended time-consuming provings, although surely valuable, as Hahnemann started in his time.
Jan Scholten has submitted an article on provings, which discusses the matter in more detail.

Melanie Grimes describes in her interesting article what pain has to tell us.

Some of the cases show how people suffering from mental diseases can pick up their own life again after homeopathic treatment.

I hope you will enjoy the other articles in this first 2007 edition as well, just as much as I did.

Anne Wirtz
Amsterdam /NL

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