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Homeodynamics: a window into the nature of reality

by Michael Leger

Homeodynamics, a window into the nature of reality

By Michael Leger

“The observations that are not explainable by current… theories are the most valuable, for they may propel the field forward in the next cycle of innovation, possibly to a paradigm shift.”[i]

Homeodynamics is a process used to create remedies as well as a nascent philosophy of heilen, Hahnemann’s term for the return to complete health. Like its predecessor homeopathy, Homeodynamics is based on the principle of similarity – the root homeo. However, the foundation is one of dynamics rather than pathos.

“Dynamic” has several meanings. It comes from the Greek dynamis - force or power. Dynamics pertains to or is characterized by energy or effective action; vigorously active or forceful; energetic; characterized by continuous change; marked by intensity or vigor.[ii] When these definitions are applied to homeodynamics, they create wonderful images of the interaction between the process of creating a remedy, the remedy itself, the practitioner and the patient.

Homeodynamics is also based on the understanding that there is a substrate to physical reality that can be accessed by human intention and modified as appropriate. Homeodynamics, as homeopathy before it, is a bridge to the invisible or supersensible world that Samuel Hahnemann described - or to use more contemporary terminology - the Field.

“It is not the corporeal atoms of these highly dynamized medicines nor their physical or mathematical surfaces...but rather there lies in an invisible way...uncovered and freed as much as possible from the medicinal substance, a specific medicinal power, which by contact with the living animal fiber impinges dynamically on the entire organism (however without communicating to it any matter howsoever finely conceived) and, to be sure, all the stronger, the freer and more immaterial it had become by dynamization.”[iii]

As Hahnemann makes clear in the quote above, the curative power of homeopathic remedies is not contained in their physical properties. The curative power of a remedy is freed from the starting materials by the process of dynamization. As the curative power of a remedy is not based on any ‘corporeal atoms’ it seems reasonable to conclude that it might be possible to find other means, one that starts with the immaterial, to create a remedy and to effect a cure. Even though I have been making homeodynamic remedies for more than five years, I still find the homeodynamic remedy creation process to be quite challenging conceptually. You will likely feel the same way. In the final analysis though, what counts are results, and practitioners world-wide are finding that homeodynamic remedies work extremely well.

The creation of homeodynamic remedies has two main components – conception and manifestation. The conception process involves the use of a state-of-the-art radionic instrument. Radionics is a poorly understood concept. As such it is important to define it a bit more carefully. In addition to being poorly understood, it covers so much territory that it is an almost meaningless term, but I will offer a quick synopsis that should prove useful. Let’s take the idea for a spin.

‘Radionics is certainly the strangest of all vibrational-medicine approaches, but is one that may ultimately teach us the most about the vibrational nature of healing and human consciousness itself.’[iv]

Radionics was invented at the same time as radio waves were discovered. The inventors thought that radio waves might have something to do with their action, hence the term radio-nics. The first generation of radionic devices had numbered dials, giving rise to the term ‘rates’; short number sequences that were and are an encoding of a remedy, disease and more. These instruments were the rough equivalent of an abacus compared to a modern computer. In the 1960s, a second generation of instruments using graphic representations of remedies and disease states were developed, the best example being the MGA (Magneto-Geometric Applications) cards and instruments[v]. An example of the MGA card for Sulfur is provided. These instruments are still in wide use world-wide.  In terms of their effectiveness, these instruments are similar to the first PCs. In the early 2000’s a third generation of instruments was developed. These instruments are defined as coherent energy transducers, where the instruments act as coherently resonating nodes with a simultaneous presence in the physical and supra-physical fields[vi] and the codes involve an incredible information density; codes can exceed 1Gb (1 Billion bytes) of data. For comparison, a large text document is 500k (500,000 bytes). It appears that there is a need for sufficient ‘information density’[vii] to properly encode a remedy; insufficient density creating only an outline of the desired remedy.[viii] Coherent energy transducers are more akin to state-of-the-art computers today – extremely wide bandwidth and great depth. These are the instruments and codes we use to conceive a homeodynamic remedy.[ix]

“Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real.” Niels Bohr, Nobel Laureate Physicist

In the Digital age, usage of codes to replicate physical materials and processes has become commonplace. We are all familiar with the genome, the sequence of nucleic acids that represent an organism’s hereditary information. Maybe less well-known, but very commonplace is the digital representation of music. Equally commonplace, but invisible to most of us, is the binary code that drives all computers. In a fashion similar to the various digital encoding processes, the homeodynamic process for the creation of a remedy starts with cards that are encoded with the energy signature of the original substance.

The process is described by the developer, Nick Franks, as a mental penetration of the higher dimensions of Nature, sometimes referred to as Atmic, Causal, Mental, Astral and Etheric planes. The ability to be able to perceive and translate the information contained in each dimension being key to the quality and accuracy of the representation. Once the information is perceived, the laborious process of translation begins. Layer after layer of symbols are laid down until a final representation of the substance desired is complete. Each element is precisely described – up to 6 decimal places. An example is provided here of the card for Arsenicum album. The original is 1.2 meters by 1.2 meters. Each card acts like a key to the originating field of the substance being encoded. Think of this field as a multi-dimensional matrix – a virtual DNA – that Nature uses to create physical reality. While there might be some argument as to anyone’s particular ability to comprehend and translate information perceived in each of these dimensions, the final argument lies in the quality of the remedies created by this process. I have tested many methods of remedy creation and I have found this process to be the most accurate to date.

Manifestation, the second component of a homeodynamic remedy, is achieved by hand-vortexing the remedy. The hand-vortexing process invokes cosmic and terrestrial forces that fully incarnate the remedy, bringing it to an elegant state of completion; hand-vortexing ‘polishes’ the remedy, allowing it to act more gently and at the same time more deeply than its homeopathic counterpart at any particular potency. Hand vortexing is particularly good at condensing the etheric energies into the physical domain, opening the medicating tincture to the primal chaos. It is a reflection of the motion of the cosmos, evidenced by the abundance of spiraling forces from the microscopic to the macroscopic realms.[x]

The coherent energy transducers used to initiate the remedy making process establish a nodal vortex that is free from extraneous electronic fields – from the electrical grid, computers, etc. I have found that this is a critically important feature in the creation of a remedy. It is impossible to determine the qualitative and quantitative aspects of the flow of electricity from the grid to the lab to the manufacturing device. Birthing a remedy, homeodynamic or homeopathic, is, primarily, an etheric process – a participation with the formative forces of Nature. It is a particularly sensitive time. Adding additional undefined electromagnetic fields creates a set of unknown variables that can’t help but influence the remedy being made.

The homeodynamic method is particularly useful for the creation of remedies that are impossible by any other method. Human-based sarcodes, radioactive remedies from the actinide-series, and new nosodes are just three examples. Rather than using porcine or cadaver-based[xi] materials for sarcodes, we can directly reference the appropriate tissue, organ, etc. We can create remedies like neptunium carbonicum or something as exotic as einsteinium oxy-arsenicum. When a new organism has been identified, it can also be developed into a remedy without exposing anyone to a potentially problematic situation.

In a perfect world, we would be able to share our experiences with these new substances with our scientific colleagues. I am sure light could be shed on the nature of these substances that would be useful in biological, chemical and physical research. In the meantime, we can get a glimpse into Nature’s creation process and participate in a genuine mystery that has great potential to restore complete health.

[i] D.L. Jewett, quoted in The Electric Universe, Wallace Thornhill & David Talbott, pg.1

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[vii] This term can be applied to physically-created remedies as well. Poor weather conditions, soil, harvest times, etc. could all contribute to a lack of information in the starting materials.

[viii] Peter Fraser of NES Health has come to similar conclusions. See ‘The Unturned Stone’. Fraser and Massey, available as a free PDF download - http://www.nutrienergetics.com/v1/downloads/UnturnedStoneDec82005.pdf. Accessed March 1st, 2015.

[ix] For more information on Homeodynamics – please see the introductory article available at http://www.homeodynamics.com/Homeodynamics.asp

For more information on Homeodynamics – please see the introductory article available at http://www.homeodynamics.com/Homeodynamics.asp

[x] For a more thorough description of the vortexing process see ‘The Basis of Potentization Research’ Theodor Schwenk, trans. Marjorie Spock. Mercury Press

[xi] ‘Suis’ is the term used to refer to porcine-based sarcodes – hepar suis for instance is porcine liver.

Spiral galaxy; NASA
Sulphur; Malcolm Rae
Arsenicum; Nick Franks
Water vortex; iStockphoto.com/mleger

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Posts: 7
Re: New insight
Reply #7 on : Sun May 31, 2015, 22:05:09
Hi Peter;

I'm very glad to hear that you have had some intriguing excursions into the Radionics space. Approaching it with an honestly skeptical mind is, IMO, the best way to look at it.
As you describe, everyday is a learning experience. And that is one of the most satisfying aspects of this field.
Posts: 7
A totaly new insight for me
Reply #6 on : Tue May 12, 2015, 18:26:16
I've read two books since you have posted this interesting article: Duncan Laurie's "The Secret Art" and Nick Frank's "21st Century Radionics". During that time I build my own Radionics Box, with a Arduino Mega, orgonite, crystals, self-made coils and a software programmed with Processing. All in all it was a very interesting experience ... and it still is. I experiment with various self-made remedies, some of them are not available to buy. And I admit (even if I was some kind skeptic) that they work and some friends too was ready to experiment with them.

Thank you very much for your post!!!
Posts: 7
Experiments and Research
Reply #5 on : Thu April 09, 2015, 22:15:25
Thank you R DTS.

Peter, thank you for sharing some of the very interesting details. I did not try to replicate the DNA 'teleportation' experiment. I tried one that he had described, based on Benveniste's work, of using FFT to analyze an audio signal (I'm very rusty on the details, this was awhile back) in the audible region of the stimulated response of a remedy.
R DTS India.
Posts: 7
Research on disease treatment
Reply #4 on : Thu April 09, 2015, 08:23:16
I am greatly appreciating for your invention in the direction of drug dynamization as your Homoeodynamics a window into the nature of reality.In my view this is not only a sim,ple window as it is a enlightend window to see the presence of substantial exhistance of mater to understand for materialistic minded scientists who are the most / hard obstcles in development of Homoeopathic system treatment in the world and whole humanity is sufferig with abrupt of dangerous diseases.
Posts: 7
Homeopathic dilutions has no signals
Reply #3 on : Thu April 09, 2015, 06:33:44
Hi Michael,

Montagnier recorded the signal from the extracted physical DNA (freed from nucleus with 93 Celsius and succussion or centrifuge), not from the homeopathic dilution. Or at least he used a dilution derived from the DNA without waiting too long time after extraction. The problem is that the signal of the DNA needs to be excited by the 7 or 8 Hz signal (Schumann base frequency simulated inside a Faraday cage), then recorder shortly after the stimulation, because the signal does not remain inside the spectrum of 20 to 20 KHz. It shifts towards higher frequencies with the time. We know this from the "Phantom DNA" phenomenon, when the DNA imprint his signature in the vacuum and it can be analyzed by photon counters. Therefore you could not replicate it.

Homeopathic dilutions on their own has no EM signature, or at least no EM inside the lower spectrum of 20.000 Hz. Montagnier tries to build analyzing devices, but the problem he will encounter (or already did) is that he needs special hardware for doing this.
Posts: 7
Reply #2 on : Wed April 08, 2015, 14:47:41
Hi Peter, Yes I have heard of Dr. Montagnier's work. I unsuccessfully tried to replicate one of his experiments detecting the signal portion of a homeopathic dilution.

Your suggestion for an experiment to detect the physical presence of a remedy is interesting, however our current research focus is on the non-physical fields of remedies.
Posts: 7
A suggestion for a experiment
Reply #1 on : Wed April 08, 2015, 06:49:57
I'm sure (from what I've read and from the source you have mentioned) that you know the experiment of Luc Antoine Montagnier, the DNA teleportation experiment.

Here is a suggestion for a experiment with your technique described:
Tune into the morphic field of a DNA sequence of Escherichia coli and potentize it at least to a 21 C. Then use this solution as the base for a polymerase chain reaction. After that use a strip test for E. coli to detect the restored DNA.

If this works, then you got something bigger than Benveniste and Montagnier. And the implications from this insight should shake the current paradigm (once again).