April 2015
Homeodynamics: a window into the nature of reality
Keywords: homeodynamics, radionics
Sensation, Source, and Susceptibility
Keywords: striving, stress, susceptibility, noumedynamic
Of apples and roses: a case of Malus communis
Keywords: grief, anxiety, fear of death, fear of loneliness, cancer, goitre, sinusitis, rosaceae, apple
Poisoned by leeches: a case of Hirudo medicinalis
Keywords: anorexia, suicidal depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, cancer, metrorrhagia, leech
Light at the end of the tunnel: a case of Rattus rattus
Keywords: drug abuse, drug dealing, kleptomania, deceitfulness, nightmares, rat
The Bullfrog: a C4 trituration experience
Keywords: Rana catesbeiana proving, bullfrog
Tongue-tied since birth: a case of Rana catesbeiana
Keywords: excessive shyness, isolation, speech difficulties, developmental delays, fear of frogs and bugs, bullfrog
Panorama: seminars and books
Keywords: Panorama