2006 Octobre

Silicea, Myristica seb. Cantharis,Thuja occ., Carcin., A case of anal fistula

de Dr. Pawan Pareek
A case of anal fistula
A Young unmarried middle aged working woman, suffering from fistula in ano for the last three years. She was operated upon thrice with unsuccessful results.

• Stool started passing from the fistulous opening.
• Great weakness started.
• Patient was indifferent, anxious, but careless.
• Restless sleep with dreams about business, about disputes in her house.
• Strong family history of cancer up to 3 generations.

Homeopathic treatment
• Silicea 200 weekly at bed time was prescribed for six weeks.
• Placebo 30 TDS was prescribed although careless, patient was neither mentally satisfied nor fistula was responding well to the medicine.
• Myristica Sebifera 200 weekly at bed time was prescribed..

After four months of treatment
Fistulous opening was closed.
Stool was passing from its normal passage
Mentally the patient was feeling better.
Suddenly patient developed severe burning with difficulty in urination and with urgent desire.
Patient has to sit on the seat to strain. Cantharis 30 TDS was prescribed.
Burning in urination stopped immediatley, but difficulty in urination continued.
Patient had to strain.
Patient was sent to the Urologist for an expert opinion.

• Cystoscopy - Bladder Neck obstruction.
• Ultrasound - Multiple uterine fibroids.

Thuja occidentalis 200 every fifth day at bed time was prescribed.

After 3 months of treatment
• Urine flow was normal.
• No Straining was there but..........
• Fibroid size remain unchanged.

Lady was engaged and going to be married soon.
Lady was disinterested.
Anticipatory anxiety.
Aversion to conversation.
Tendency to suicide developed.

• Carcinosinum 1M single dose at bed time prescribed.
• Carcinosinum can give freedom to disease when nourished by generation of cancerous blood.

Dr. Pawan Pareek - Agra - India

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Mots clés: anal fistula, silicea, myristica sebifera, cantharis, thuja occidentalis, carcinosinum

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