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Rhodium Muriaticum Fear of failure in creating a baby

de Anne Wirtz
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Oct. 2000

A woman came to see me because she worried about her menstrual cycle. It came only once per 6 to 7 weeks instead of the regular 4 weeks. Besides the bleeding it was protracted and took an unusual time to break through.
The problem started the moment she decided to have a third child. She decided positively for another child after a long time of doubt. Although her husband stayed rather reluctant, it was very important to her to go for it.
She realized that family life and motherhood was what she valued most in her life and so she left her job. “I choose for my personal development through my children and family. I do not have to prove myself by my professional work, I know that I can do that and I can just forget about that, but now I am a bit fearful. Imagine it does not work. …. I would like to have a little girl if I can choose (she has two sons). I want this child so badly now and I am afraid that I will fail. It is like a fear of failing indeed. I get very nervous when after 4 weeks the menses does not come and I know that I am not pregnant.”
Sleep and energy is fine.
Face, skin is not smooth around the time of menses.


I knew her for some years, and she was healthy apart from this specific problem, I decided to concentrate on this.
What she was telling me, the fact of the fear of failure in a creative process, brought me right to the SILVERSERIES.
Fear that she could not cope with her performance to "create a baby", as a mother. Very close to the 10th row which has the conviction that she or he can do it. That is why I choose RHODIUM, and because of the fact that her fear only concerned her performance as a mother, I gave her RHODIUM MURIATICUM MK.


Very soon her menses was regular and she forgot totally that she had been so fearful to fail.
In a few months she was pregnant and gave birth to a healthy little baby-girl in February 2002.

Anne Wirtz

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