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Lithium phosphoricum, Addiction Case Three, Addiction to Cocaine, XTC, Cannabis, Speed and Alcohol

de Frans Kusse
Woman, born in 1973
Addicted to: cocaïne, XTC, cannabis, speed, alcohol
Diagnosis: anxiety disorder and ADHD
Medication: Ritalin

She was very anxious and she had the sensation as if electricity was in her head.
Her mother was addicted and was a prostitute. Her father was an addict too. She only saw him twice. Already as a baby she was emotionally neglected. In her early youth she was physically and sexually abused. She was very sensitive and sympathetic, but also very impulsive. She suffered from panic attacks.
Although she grew up in a very unsafe and violent environment she always had the feeling that life had to be different. She kept an optimistic view about the goodness of mankind. At school she met a teacher who gave her support, also in her personal life. With his help she found her way through life. With the drugs and alcohol she tried to suppress her restlessness and anxiety.

Lithium phosphoricum 30K, one granule if necessary

Follow up:
She is more quiet, more stable and more mature. The physical symptoms were gone (the electricity in her head). “I feel emotionally less involved with the problems of others.” Her mother threatened often to commit suicide and in the past she was very anxious about it. Now she felt more distance to the problems of her mother.

Follow up after one year
It goes very well. She had stopped taking Ritalin, smokes less cigarettes (12 cigarettes a day instead of 30). She is married and she is pregnant.

Keynotes of Lithium: impulsive, unstable, restless; cause: neglection by the parents.
Keynotes of Phosphorus: communicative, social, sympathetic
We find the characteristics of both elements in this case. The picture of Lithium phosphoricum perfectly fits. Lithium phosphoricum is now in Holland one of the most important remedies for ADHD and an example how the insights of Jan Scholten on the Periodic Table helped us to find very specific remedies.

Catégories: Remèdes
Mots clés: lithium phosphoricum, addicted, cocaïne, XTC, cannabis, speed, alcohol

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