2006 Juillet

Lanthanum Phosphoricum

de Ulrich Welte
2. Lanthanum-phos: Confused by mobbing of friends
A boy of 12 has sleepless nights since he was 4 years old and doesn’t grow properly. He is too small and too thin. He is confused about his friends. His "friend" is the leader of a gang and alternatingly teases him, puts him down and then befriends him, i.e. he plays a mental power game with him. He lies awake till midnight. He dreams of being punished at school.

He is in contact with this "friend" since he 4 years old and one may safely assume that his problems are connected with it, because ever since he was part of the gang he has slept badly. He wants friends (phos) and power (goldseries), and he is insecure (early stage, 2-5); otherwise he would not allow this mental power game (lanthanide) being played with him. The leader realizes the weakness of this boy and gives him power and “friendship” in exchange for being accepted as the leader. His message is: the teaser is in power and the teased should learn from him how to tease and mob others. Thus they become a strong gang of friends. The alternation of giving friendship and putting the “friend” down is an uneven stage, 3 or 5. The theme of teasing (as a mental power game) is strongly related to Lanthanum, so we come to Lant-p.

After Lant-p the boy changed his attitude in the course of 4 weeks. He refused an invitation to a birthday party of the leader and quit his connection with the gang. He started to build a new circle of friends according to his own choice. He said firmly; "Now I determine for myself who are my friends".
He slept better and gained weight, his trousers didn't fit him any more. The situation with the gang eased up without any quarrel. His change of attitude and new determination were enough. In a short span of time he was a changed boy.
Remedies that helped him formerly were Tarentula and Bacillinum, but they didn’t touch the basic problem.

Catégories: Remèdes
Mots clés: Lanthanum-phos, teasing, insecure, confused

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