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Editorial March 2007

de Anne Wirtz
Editorial March ‘07

The development of homeopathy seems to have grown enormously through the internet by sharing cases and methods. I have had an invitation from the editor of Homeopathy 4 Everyone (like all subscribers I suppose) to join the discussion about the searching and choosing of the similimum in a case.

Is there a method which should be called; ‘the real one’?
For me there is not one right method. As long as the result is the expected one, that means that the reaction of the patient to the chosen remedy is more or less predictable, namely; an amelioration of his or her condition with or without an aggravation. Then we could say that the remedy is the similimum in that situation. Like for all human beings talents are drivers, so also for homeopaths. The way of developing these talents within the system of homeopathic healing will be variable. As long as we agree that a certain amount of intuition and creativity are part of our job there will be an individual approach to the treatment of our patients.

Interesting is that by sharing our knowledge through such an extended network we can find new inspiration by the way one of our colleagues works and finds the similimum in his or her cases, which could be that extra we need to develop our own quality as an individual homeopath.
For me the group or system-thinking works fine together with the language of the origin of the remedy, which is the signature of an animal, tree, fungus, metal or nosode a.o. This offers me the logic to choose a remedy (in case I understand my patients state). I know of colleagues who use a kind of test, to be as sure as they can be. I have no talent to do so, but therefore I am not the one to disapprove if their results are satisfactory to them and the patients.

One of the articles of Melanie Grimes shows that the information we have used until now might need adjustment for this time because language-use changes like other cultural expressions of our modern life. It shows the need to understand the remedies in depth so that we are less dependant on the language of the old repertories.

I hope you will enjoy this edition and I look forward to your comments.

We have heard that some people have sent in articles that did not come through. If you have sent articles and did not hear anything from us in return, let us know at ih_coord@mac.com or park@annewirtz.demon.nl

Anne Wirtz

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