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Interhomeopathy - Editorial January 2008
2008 Janvier

Editorial January 2008

de Jan Scholten
First of all: Best wishes for 2008

Interhomeopathy has its second birthday. So congratulations, to all the readers, authors and of course the editors and workers of Interhomeopathy. Those 2 years have been fruitful and Interhomeopathy has become grown up. The contributions are of good quality and the readers send us messages that they are very content.

For the future we invite you to continue writing articles and of course read them.

In this issue we have put some articles on group analysis, the Series and Stages of the periodic table. This had been done because many readers may not be very familiar with them and the concepts are used often in our articles. From now on these articles can be used as reference. It clarifies much for the reader.

That this classification has become an important part of homeopathy is also shown by two other articles, the ones on the Chakra and Integration about Sycosis. It shows that homeopathy is advancing as a science.

But also classic aspects of homeopathy are represented in the proving, this time of Mononucleosis, also called Pfeiffer, the "kissing disease". This brings to the forefront the connection between diseases and Stages. The article on a malaria case illustrates this, where Stage 5 is compatible with malaria.

We wish you a happy and successful 2008,
Jan Scholten

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