2008 Février

Editorial February 2008

de Jan Scholten
In this issue is an article by Fredy Cesar that addresses an important issue: how can it be that substances can have or provoke mental states. How can a mineral like Antimonium, a so-called "dead" substance, have an issue with loss of creativity? And even more strange, how can it be that that issue is related to its position in the periodic table? Or more generally, how can it be that the whole periodic table represents the whole cycle of life of people. There seems to be a "vital" or mental aspect in matter. And this aspect is even symbolic for the substance.
This brings science back to vitalism or animism, a kind of philosophy that has been thought by many scientists to be outdated. The central attitude of our culture is in denial of these aspects. But they cannot be denied, they are too obvious in the science of homeopathy.
Homeopathy brings back into science the whole philosophy of signature and animism, the whole nature is alive with an inner vital and psychic world. It might be frightening for some people, but more important it makes the world whole again, healed.

The Chromicum acidum article and case are from The book "Hydro-Homeopathic Energy", by Patrica Leroux. It is a wonderful book, full of precious gifts and prescriptions.

Much reading pleasure with this issue of Interhomeopathy.
Jan Scholten

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