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Interhomeopathy - Editorial August 2006
2006 Août

Editorial August 2006

de Anne Wirtz
In this August edition You will find a variety of interesting articles again. It shows
-how intensely homeopaths all over the world are probing into the remedies to understand their characteristics;
-how we use the scientific structures from chemistry, biology, physics a.o. to see the logic in series of remedies.

If we do understand the patient emotionally as well as their body language, the chance to find the similimum is much more likely.
Since the Periodic Table came into our picture with it rows and series, (thanks to Jan Scholten and his books ) the characteristics of the elements show themselves to us in a logical way.

In the article Suicide and guilt, Jan Scholten gives an example of this way of thinking. Next editions he will share some cases with us.
The theme of the Nosodes is clearly coming up this time. Ai-Ling Makewell brings the information in this edition.
(Last year Frans Vermeulen published his book Monera, on the nosodes. He gives extensive information about them in his wellknown structural way.
Louis Klein gave a seminar on this topic in Utrecht -NL-. He proved to have enormous practical experience of its use. I hope we do not have to wait very long to be able to read his book and profit from it in our daily practices.)
The Hummingbird case a lively example how we see the biological characteristics in a little boy who does very well on this remedy.
The Naphtalinum case is another example after the first one in the July edition. For basic information of Naphtalinum, see there.
The Cerium carbonicum and Cadmium sulphuricum case close the row this edition.

We intend to give information in one edition that is enough and not too much at the same time. I realize that this is very subjective.
Any comment on this or anything else regarding this issue or a former one is welcome.
Please sent us your knowledge to share with us and everybody who is interested.

Anne Wirtz - Amsterdam

Catégories: Editoriaux
Mots clés: editorial

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