2006 Janvier

Cadmium sulphuricum, I feel powerless

de Leo van Gelder
I Feel Powerless
This case is about a 45 year old Indian man. His complaints are from a facial paralysis 6 years ago, since he had left-sided otitis after exposure to cold wind. Closing the left eye was difficult, there was photophobia and the left corner of his mouth was hard to pull up. His sense of taste was changed and diminished. Six months ago he had severe pain in the left side of his face. His other complaints are: allergy to dogs, cats and grass, with sneezing and itching eyes. His nose was operated upon because of blockage. He has difficult defecation because of hard stools and premature ejaculation. He has temporal headaches every day, worse from cheese, fat and eggs. He has loss of strength in hands with physical exercise. There’s a history of otitis combined with angina after a change to cold weather.
Mental picture: He was born in India and came to Holland in 1983 to get experience in his uncle’s restaurant business. He was the youngest of 6 children. His father died when he was 3 years old. His mother died in India, just before he was planning to see her again after 9 years. He worked in the wholesale business for women’s clothing, which ended after a quarrel with his boss, from which he had suppressed anger. He started his own snack-bar business, which failed because of vandalism in the neighbourhood. Now he is a truck driver for a bakery, so he can be home for the children at lunchtime. His real interest, however, lies in the clothing business. His marriage broke up 3 years ago. He has 2 children, 7 and 10 years old. The quarrels with his wife were always about sex, and also his wife’s family was always meddling; she was often angry, so he left. He cut off contact with other people for 2 years. He claims to have a weak memory: he forgets many things from the past. He is quickly irritated about the mess his children make. He is often angry but keeps it inside. Impression: He is an Indian man, small of stature, a bit flabby. Soft, gentle voice, rather high-pitched. Weak rather than powerful impression - underdog type.

Repertorisation MacRepertory
FACE; PARALYSIS; one-sided: Caust. , bar-c. , cocc. , graph. , kali-chl. , cadm-s.
FACE; PARALYSIS; left: all-c. , cur. , nux-v. , cadm-s. , form. , graph.
FACE; PARALYSIS; cold, from: Caust. , cadm-s. , dulc. , acon. , kali-i. , merc-i-f.
FACE; PARALYSIS; eyes; close, cannot: cadm-s.
FACE; PARALYSIS; riding in the wind: Caust. , cadm-s.
MALE; EJACULATIONS, seminal discharge; premature, too quick; coition; before: sulph.
GENERALITIES; FOOD and drinks; fats and rich food; agg. : Carb-v. , Cycl. , Ferr. , Graph. , Puls. , Tarax. sulph

In addition to the repertorisation, which brings up Cadmium sulphuricum quite clearly, is the analysis via the periodic table with Jan Scholten’s system.
He represents the silver series because of his interest in fashion and women’s clothing and because of the neurological problem, the paralysis.
The stage he is in matches stage 12:
Powerlessness, enemies—against the neighbourhood vandalism.
Demotion, from the fashion business to truck driver.
Sexual problems, sexual organs: premature ejaculation.
For Sulphur we have: broken marriage, interest in fashion and clothing.

After 4 weeks there was a clear improvement of the subjective symptoms. The sensitivity on the left side of his face and the premature ejaculation improved. Defecation became normal. Allergy was no longer a problem. Headaches disappeared. After several months of continuing the remedy in a 30K the closing of his left eye improved to almost normal, and also the corner of his mouth, although still a bit slanted. His feeling of weakness disappeared. His memory is better and his voice is lower and more powerful.

Catégories: Remèdes
Mots clés: Cadmium sulphuricum, element

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