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Berlin wall, cases

de Kees Dam
Case 1:
A female MS patient, 45 year old, recounts after Berlin Wall 200 (23-5-97): " It has been very good, I have been camping in Germany. I could visit everything, museums etc. I could walk along without having to use my wheelchair, but my pustules have emerged again vehemently, especially on the right side. Also my eyes were better in the first week, but after that again the same. My husband says I am looser. I notice I don't use any mascara anymore and that was always a "must". I even dared to wear short trousers on holiday without being ashamed for my white legs."
"I am not afraid anymore of getting seduced by H. (a secret lover). It is over now, I can feel now from my inside. He is not on my mind anymore all the time. I was always so fearful that I could not resist him, he only had to do this and I would give in. Not anymore."
* I pushed, kicked and struck my sister in law. She is such a serpent.
* My physician,in reality a frump without any notion of MS, looked very nice now in my dream.
* An elevator with very big metal doors. I go to my boss and tell him that he has been "framed".

Cases 2-5 one family: father/mother/son/daughter

Case 2:
Father: a 40 years old, very nice and sympathetic man (Staphysagria was one of the remedies he reacted on favorably), but according to his wife there is a wall around him, which is not penetrable. As a child he was physically abused. His wife wants to end the relationship because there is no real contact possible. For him everything is o.k., he does not want to change. After Berlin Wall a lot of aggression is coming up and out. After three weeks he told his wife that there was something very remarkable about his urine, lately it was smelling like cement (he did not know he was given Berlin Wall).

Case 3:
Mother: with a psychiatric history in the past, working on herself for years (with the help of constitutional homeopathic treatment). Had good reactions in the past on Anac, Thuj and Lac caninum. A main problem is about setting borders. After Berlin Wall she was able to set her borders more clearly. In the end after a lot of mutual aggressive outbursts (which were painful but clarifying) and perceiving the situation as it really was they both decided to end the relationship.

Case 4:
Son: J., three years of age, has like his father an impenetrable layer around him. It doesn't come through when his mother speaks to him. He does not obey, he does not hear. He is loud, restless, and wild. It is not possible for his mother to go shopping with him, to go to the swimming pool etc. Every second she has to be alert, in the street he just runs away, or jumps suddenly in front of a car. In the supermarket he grabs everything. In the swimming pool he jumps in deep water without being able to swim. Reprimanding doesn't help. He is hyperactive, not able to restrain and chaotic. He can throw things at his mother's head. When he gets a spanking then he immediately says: "I am sorry, I didn't mean it like that, I didn't understand you, I will listen and behave". Then he wants to make it up immediately. He has terrible mood swings. One moment he sits dreamy with a snoller in his mouth and a little later he is violent again. This behavior is from the last year. He has periods of very offensive diarrhea, especially after anger. He craves sweet and food. He can eat all day and is very thirsty for sweet drinks. Drinks coffee, alcohol, but also water from the bath or from the ditch outside if you don't pay attention. Everything somebody else eats he wants to eat, whether he likes it or not. In the past there were good reactions on Anac, Sulph, Lac maternum, Saccharum and Thuj.
After Berlin Wall 30 he got more "penetrable". He hears now if you say something. At the nursery he is quieter now. He is potty-trained now, before he just could not "allow" that. He plays in the street now without running away. You can go with him to the swimming pool and even to the family doctor without problems. He reacts better on Sulphur when he has his bouts of diarrhea and when he gets more closed again after the Sulphur, Berlin Wall opens him up again. (His mother is a homeopath herself and alternates Berlin Wall and Sulphur on indication).

Case 5:
Daughter: M. is 5 years of age now. She resembles her mother a lot. She complains already for some months about double vision (vertical: one image above the other), but not with reading. She has pain in her joints, a painful swollen lymph gland under her chin. Normally she is very afraid of doctors, but now she wanted to see one because as she said she feared an inflammation. Besides her left mouth corner she has an eczema spot, fiery. She is the opposite of her little brother, very fearful and very concerned about him. Mother notices lately that in her drawings of the little sun is "walled in" by circles (she used to make drawings with a sun in every left or right upper corner). After Berlin Wall her first drawing is only with dashing, flourish stripes (no sun, no circles). The next day she gets angry with her mother and also sad and yells: "I don't do anything anymore, I am totally empty! I always go to everybody, I don't want it anymore, I will go to nobody". Immediately after that she makes a drawing with a big glowing heart on the left and the right a sun. Her double vision disappeared together with her joint pains.

Case 6:
A 48 years woman with 4 growing children and a very troublesome relationship with a very passive aggressive husband. She always had the feeling she was nothing and a failure.
A very difficult relationship with her mother. Now she wants to go to work and do a training (in attending old people) to get financially independent so she can divorce. This work and training is very important and she is very worried that she can't do it. During work she often has a very dull, confused head and then she makes the most stupid mistakes (especially when someone is watching). Then she can't remember anything, does everything wrong, uses wrong words. She can't even repeat what somebody else ordered her to do a moment ago. She feels then so stupid and ashamed. In the morning on waking she is already very nervous about all this. In the past she reacted well on Lac-c, Thuj, Phosphorus and Bar-phos. After Berlin Wall she got even duller in the head and more tired, but after one week she got very clear in the head, could easily link things and make combinations. Could think logically again. Goes to work with pleasure again. Has a lot more self-confidence now among people. The need to fight her husband became less when he provoked her again. She could take more distance from it.
* A man with his hair standing on end (?!) was asleep. I was with my daughter in his house, it was a mess in the kitchen. I thought: "typically a man alone".
* About a key with which I could enter the house of the neighbor's. There was the neighbor boy with whom I used to have rows in the past.

Case 7:
Without him knowing the woman of case 6 gave Berlin Wall to her husband. Her story about him: "He is always very dominant and angry for a long time. Always he turns and twists things in that way that it's always my fault. He pities himself and eats away his frustrations. When he is angry with me he is extra nice to my daughter. He never does anything in the house. He snores terribly during sleep. On the other hand he is also afraid that I get angry with him because in some way he is very dependent on me. When he was nine years old he lost his brother and his mother had to go to a mental hospital, but all those things cannot be discussed". After Berlin Wall he is more relaxed and more reasonable. "You can talk to him now. He is more tender, cheerful." (Other remedies he reacted well on: Lyc, Thuj).

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