2012 October

Editorial: Whitmont's legacy

by Colin Wood

These cases and other articles together identify a sensibility within the field of healing that is not directly to do with schools, systems or theories.

One of its protagonists was Edward Christopher Whitmont, whose centenary falls on 5th December. In his practice, he touched on all of these: homeopathy, analytical psychology, anthroposophy, natural history, new physics, music, astrology, alchemy, mythology, gaia, dreamwork and Central European social, cultural and rabbinic history.

Most of the contributors to this issue were inspired by Whitmont early on in their journeys and went on to make their own paths. An important theme, then, will be different ways in which this work is being continued. Jane Cicchetti has written a book on dreamwork that treats of method and the language of materia medica. Kris Frank has long worked with astro-psychology in the homeopathic context. Rachel Koenig is a practitioner of oriental medicine who studied with Whitmont in a small regular group. Peter Morrell is a chronicler of the Hahnemanian tradition.

One idea they all may well hold in common is the belief that finding the good remedy is not in itself sufficient for cure, good idea though that is.


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