2012 October
Editorial: Whitmont's legacy
Keywords: editorial
Edward Christopher Whitmont: a timeline
Keywords: Whitmont
Edward Whitmont in perspective
Keywords: Whitmont
Personal experiences with Edward Christopher Whitmont
Keywords: Whitmont
The use of dreams in homeopathic treatment
Keywords: dream analysis, symbols, Carl Jung
The Axis Mundi: a case where the remedy is found from a dream
Keywords: dream analysis, Axis Mundi, emptiness, archetypal symbol, undertakes many things, perseveres in nothing
Using Astro-psychology with homeopathy
Keywords: Astro-psychology, homeopathy, Carl Jung, Mappa Mundi, astrological transit
Sabina : Mysterium - A dream teaching
Keywords: Whitmond, miscarriages, abortion, Sabina, albedo, alchemy, cleansing