2011 July August

Editorial: summer fireworks

by Deborah Collins

For the past year, we have presented one theme per issue, largely dependent upon the articles that have been submitted. The downside of this approach is that some articles have ended up languishing in our 'reserve box', waiting for similar articles to appear on our desk; a fate none of them deserves. For this issue, we are opening our 'treasure trove', offering you a firework of articles, each one more interesting than the other.

In order to publish articles more quickly, we are creating a new rubric, which will appear in each issue, titled: 'extra reading'. If and when one of these articles fit a certain theme, they will be republished in that context. In other words, they will get double exposure.

As of October 2011, we will be welcoming guest editors. Urvi Chauhan, Pat Deacon, Iain Marrs, and Sally Williams will be joining our editorial team, thus broadening the base from which articles are drawn, and will share with us the pleasure to create interesting and enriching issues.

We wish you much reading pleasure and for those of you living in the Northern hemisphere; have a great summer! 

Photo: Wikimedia Commons
New Year firework in Concepcion, Chile: parapente1

Categories: Editorials
Keywords: editorial

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