2011 July August
Editorial: summer fireworks
Editorial: summer fireworks, by Deborah Collins
Keywords: editorial
A case of chronic osteomyelitis with Brodie's abscess
Keywords: chronic osteomyelitis, Brodie's abscess, desire tomato soup, sleeping difficulties
Dissimilar diseases - Hahnemann's approach to psychiatric patients
Keywords: dissimilar diseases, bronchiectasis, epilepsy, mental illness
Christchurch earthquakes; Gelsemium to the rescue
Keywords: Christchurch earthquakes, fearful shock,
Three cases of Radium bromatum
Keywords: lichen sclerosus, hard-working, radiation therapy, X-rays, CT scans
Prescribing combination mineral remedies; a case of Natrum iodatum
Keywords: Multiple sclerosis, grief from death of mother, anxiety, loneliness, insomnia, obsessive thinking, HOT, ravenous appetite
Backtracking to go in a new direction; a case of Amphisbaena vermicularis
Keywords: going back and forth at once, right versus wrong, in-group versus excluded, dominance versus submission
The disturbing stone; the hidden pain of sexual abuse
Keywords: sexual abuse, homeopathy,
Hospital will be the end of me; a case of Staphylotoxinum
Keywords: adenopathies, tonsillectomy, encephalitis, haemorraghe, Staphylococcus aureus infection, icy-cold, fear of hospital