February 2014

Box trees' savior: Box tree moth Extra

by A.B.

I would like to tell you about my experience with your remedy Box tree moth Extra.

There are lots of box trees as well as low box tree hedges in my garden. On one of these, I noticed an infestation one morning. By evening, half the bush had been eaten away.

The same night in my desperation, I sprayed the product Careo from Celaflor on the affected bush, and on the next day, I treated all other box trees since they were all infested with caterpillars.

Then, I stumbled across your homeopathic remedy, Box tree moth Extra on the internet and so I ordered it straightaway to try it out. What a shame, I thought, that I had already used a chemical treatment – although I myself am a natural healing practitioner!

I realised, however,  that I had forgotten to spray one bush, standing some way apart from the others. So, when I got your remedy, I followed the instructions and thoroughly sprayed the final bush. The next evening I checked to see what had happened …

The caterpillars had stopped feeding although they were still there, covering the entire bush, especially the upper part. I took a jug of water and went around collecting the caterpillars, throwing them in the water.

The next evening, I found a few more caterpillars, though fewer than before, and as I threw them in the water, I noticed that they were hardly moving.

By the third evening, there were just three caterpillars remaining and these were the last ones I found.

The eating away and destruction of the bush tree had immediately stopped with the first spraying.

Even today – four weeks later – the box tree still does not have any more caterpillars.

Instead of applying more chemicals, as recommended, I also treated all the remaining box trees by spraying them with Box tree moth Extra and they have not been eaten any more. I have not discovered any more caterpillars.

The first and most heavily infested bush now even has new green shoots, although I did not use Arnica. Many thanks for this remedy.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons
3BuxZünsler; Stromber; Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported licence


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Alyson Garvey
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Reply #1 on : Mon February 17, 2014, 23:36:07
Can you say what are the ingredients- the homeopathic ingredients or minerals?