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Berlin Wall

by Kees Dam
In April 1997 speaking at a large congress "Homeopathy for the World" in Berlin (of all places), George Vithoulkas proclaimed that the sake and credibility of homeopathy was not served by using remedies like Berlin Wall. When I heard of the remedy Berlin Wall for the first time (I think about a year before the verdict of George) I had exactly the same feeling initially. Fortunately I didn't have a podium at that time to condemn this remedy publicly. In may '97 I was on an international homeopathic meeting (Soeria) where about 15 homeopaths exchange their homeopathic "peak" experiences. An Irish colleague Declan Hammond told of his experiences with Berlin Wall. His Berlin Wall story really took me and as soon as I was back home I ordered the remedy and started a proving.
Today I want to share our proving experiences and some cases. For me Berlin Wall has become a remedy with polychrest qualities in quite a short time.

Picture of Berlin Wall (Declan Hammond)
From the provings and the dozens of cases in his practice, Declan Hammond gives the following picture of B.W. (after 2 years of experience):
• Forsaken and SEPARATION is the general symptom in all patients. An unbearable oppression from outside which causes an explosion or an implosion in the patient; huge despair.
• Oppression (political, family, abuse-sexual, religious, being bullied) and perceiving themselves as victims, stiffled in their creativity.
• States of possession (d.d. Stram, Bell, Hyos).
• Children of ambitious parents who are pushed (d.d. Carc).
• Caring professions which give rise to burn out and/or brain deadness.
• Acutes: with overwhelming opposition: hospitals, court situations.
• Indescribable evil/darkness.
• Not showing anything: MASKS, unsmiling.
• Suspicious, uneasy, shifty eyes; cannot look you in the eye.
• Hangdog of head, beaten.
• Frequent weeping, tears just flow; sense of numbness or despair over them.
• Deep grief which cannot be accessed, unspoken, but it hangs in the air.
• Depression, sense of blackness, total isolation, aloneness, despair.
• Panic, need to escape but they can't. TERROR.
• Feel brainwashed, lack the courage to break free, unable to break from the past (intercurrent remedy for helping to connect to past inaccessible trauma's).
• Everything will fail; despair of recovery.
• Painlessness (d.d. Op, Stram, Hell).
• Aggression against themselves (drugs, alcohol, drive a car into a confronting car, smash themselves into the wall).
• Impulsivity - anything can happen (Merc, Prot).
• Aggression to others or animals (fascinated by it). Child who hangs a cat with a rope around the neck to see what happens (daughter of A.P.).
• Deceit.
• Guilt, not resolvable.

• ASTHMA, crushing on chest, suffocation.
• Headache, deep crushing, congestion, bursting with depression and photophobia; gives the feeling of being cut off and isolated.
• After strokes, for parts not connected yet again.
• Temporary blindness and deafness in emotional situations.
• Stiffness of joints-swelling: " a claw coming into it".
• Dupuytren.
• Emptiness, a hole in the gut (ulcers).
• Narcolepsia (20 hrs a day).
• Insomnia.
• After well indicated remedies fail, to open up a case.
• As an intercurrent.

Our own provings and experiences with Berlin Wall
With the above information of Declan Hammond we started our search into the mysteries of the Berlin Wall. One of the first things you ask yourself: "Will there be a difference in remedy-picture between Berlin Wall and a piece of concrete from your own garage wall?" Emotionally you are inclined to say: "Yes, of course", but rationally you may have your doubts (like George had) because the material is chemically the same. There is only one final answer and that is the experiential-scientific one: prove it and see if there are specific German themes coming up or specific Berlin Wall issues. I will start to give some history of the Berlin Wall.

In 1961 on the 13th of August the wall was built in one night. It was meant to prevent people from East Germany going to West Germany. For economic and political reasons millions of people left the communist east and sought their salvation in the capitalistic west and Berlin was "the leak" in the iron curtain where people crossed the border. Berlin Wall stands for division, intense fear, suspicion, the worst of the cold war (the place where the cold war got hot), KGB-FBI, intrigues, betrayal, spying. In total, 588 deaths were registered from trying to cross the wall (over or under it).
In 1990 the wall was broken down and a Berlin man sent a piece of the Wall to a friend in England. He put it in a drawer and after 2 years he found it again and this man being a homeopath (Martin Miles) got a God-given idea to potentize it and do a proving with it.
From the book "The Berlin Wall" by Norman Gelb (Publ. Michael Joseph Ltd 1986): "It is more than just an account of the splitting of a city. It is also the story of power politics and thermo-nuclear threat. It was played out in Washington, Moscow, London and Paris as well as Germany. Berlin was after all, the place described by Soviet Premier Nikita Krushchev as "the testicles of the West. When I want the West to scream, I squeeze on Berlin". It was the place about which President John F. Kennedy growled, "If Krushchev wants to rub my nose in the dirt, it's all over". Berlin was where the Cold War had begun with a Soviet blockade, where Soviet and American tanks faced each other virtually snout-to-snout for the first, and hopefully the only time, and where the grisly game of nuclear brinkmanship was introduced. For a brief moment, the Berlin Wall was the focus of the whole world's attention. Spawned in an atmosphere of bluster and defiance, it generated a mood of deepest anxiety and profoundest despair. Everywhere, hawks and doves debated its significance and consequences. The great Wall of Berlin is more than just an emotionally charged geopolitical spectacle. Made of reinforced concrete, ten to thirteen feet high, it is a remarkable structure. Meandering through the heart of the metropolis, turning corners, winding and bending, it hacks the old capital of Germany into two distinct entities, and then curls to enfold all the western half of Berlin in its concrete embrace. If straightened, the Wall would measure 103 miles long, which is greater than the distance from New York to Philadelphia or London to Calais.

Law of Signatures / Proverbs
Dictionary definition of Wall (Webster's II New Riverside Dictionary):
1. A vertical structure or partition that serves to enclose or separate.
2. A continuous defensive rampart.
3. Something that rises, separates, surrounds, or protects like a wall.
4. (Verb) To provide or close up with or as if with a wall.

Wallflower: One who only looks on at a dance or a party esp. from shyness or unpopularity.
Walking with his head against a wall: trying to get his way against the impossible, no escape from getting frustrated.
Blind Wall: a wall without windows or doors in it to see or go through.

Themes of Berlin Wall
I will give a summary of the proving and cured symptoms of Berlin Wall arranged in themes. (f-pr = female prover; m = male; * = dream)

Germany - Berlin Wall issues
* About a German acquaintance, a guy I always detested - he was very dominant, nervous, neurotically precise. Now in the dream I could see his other, nice side. I realised you can get used to someone. (f-pr. 3)
• On the 13th of august ('97) I was feeling awful all day, at night on the television news I heard that it was exactly 27 (?36-PtB) years ago that the Berlin Wall was erected. (f-pr. 3)
• More oriented to German television, even a little "homesick" for Germany (was not born there), some "Weltschmerz" feeling. A better understanding of Germans in general. (f-pr. 3)
* I am in a new room, a stranger, nobody wants to have anything to do with me. German language is spoken. The room is a kind of cellar, half underground. They cannot see me really, there is something with their eyes. I want to touch people all the time I detest that in myself. (f-pr 1)
• Concerning male-female attraction a working woman remarks: "Wer hat denn keine Sehnsucht" (Who doesn't have desire). (f-pr 1)

Wall - Separation (Curative: breaking down the wall)
• It struck me that all of a sudden I experience men quite differently, nicer, softer, more friendly. It was so striking that I could not ignore it. It even happened to me that when a man explained the path he laid his hand in a very friendly and tender way on my shoulder during the whole of his explaining. (curative symptom f-pr 2)
• All the people I met I could very distinctly divide in two groups: one group open to contact and one group with no contact with the outside world but sticking in their own world. It seemed there were only those two extremes, nothing in between. (f-pr 2)
• Sensation as if there is a wall, an incredible distance between the people I really love and me. I cannot go to the people I really want to be with. It is a big suffering. (f-pr 3)
• Holding the remedy for a while gives a tremendous rise of grief and sadness, so huge you would drown in it. (curative sympt f-pr 1)
• A suppressed ("walled off") grief about financial problems thirty years ago (he never told his wife about that time because he didn't want to bother her with that) came up, he wept over it for the first time together with his wife. After that he was less irritable and more tender towards his wife. (curative symptom in a 75 years old m-pt)
• Don't come near me. Men only want to plunder you and burn you down; absolutely no sex. (f-pr 5)
• Basically I have a strong desire for love. Don't leave me, stay with me, but in my solar plexus area I feel, don't touch me. (f-pr 5)
* My brother and sister lived with me in the same house and we could get along very well (in reality far from that). (curative/wishful symptom f-pr 3)
* I am standing on a long, lonesome and straight road that cleaves the landscape right through. (f-pr 2)
• Often the feeling during this proving that my inner world suffices, I can live there, what lives inside of me that is enough. I don't need to belong to the outside world. Things that live inside me do not have to be expressed in the outside world. (f-pr 2)
• I suddenly understand very thoroughly why I have to smoke. In a shop I got furious when a woman didn't wait for her turn. I could not utter a word (fortunately the anger stays inside, the anger is not in proportion to the incident). I immediately feel the need for a cigarette to get control over my emotions again. Smoking is a protection, it is keeping my emotions inside. If I would stop smoking, I would feel my emotions vehemently and I am afraid I can't handle it. (f-pr 2)

Lack of a Wall/Structure/Separation - (Curative: setting clear borders)
• Immediately when touching the remedy I feel more at ease, I feel a separation between my energy and the energy of the other/the outside. (curative symptom f-pr 5)
• Refusal to involve myself in a man-woman relation if it is not absolutely pure. (f-pr 5)
*Together with my father I am in a barren, flat, empty meadow landscape with as many ditches as land, the water in the ditches is just as high as the land, a very disagreeable landscape. There is no horizon. My father says that he doesn't believe in God or that he thinks he doesn't believe in God anymore (in reality very religious). (m-pr 6)
•After touching the remedy could not find my home again, lost my way, could not go to work the next day feeling as if things from the war came up again. (pt)
•On my way to a (known) restaurant I lost my way in the red light district. I am lost, then I see a telephone number to rent a prostitute-window-room. I have the impulse to note it down with the feeling this is the only thing left for me. (f-pr 1)
*There is a big heap of sand before my house-door, it is so high that it is on window level. Anybody could walk in by the window. This gives me a very unsafe feeling (known old anxiety). Yesterday many old ailments came back: headache, a coryza, a stressed feeling, burning spots on my head. This morning they are all gone. (m-pr 8)

* An ideal mother, she came to my bed and really comforted me without making me pitiful and she promised me to learn something the next day (things she never did when I was young). (curative symptom f-pr 1)
* I am walking with my mother at the Lake of Geneva (where we used to go on holiday in my youth) and I was amazed that it felt so good between us. Then I see an aeroplane crashing in the lake, there is an explosion; 16 people get severely injured and later succumb and die. (f-pr 1)I am in the bedroom of my parents and my mother wants contact with me. I agree and in the beginning it goes fine, but then she comes to close and on top of me: "Listen, you have to listen" (she tries to convince me anxiously). I want more distance, space and I send her away downstairs and tell her that I will come down later. She goes and it feels good. Then I come downstairs. My mother stands in a narrow corner in the kitchen. We embrace each other and I feel that my mother gets filled again, fulfilled, more in proportion, she comes in her body, and she is not a flat disk anymore. Then she gets too blown up and I notice that she is clinging to me. I feel I am disappearing and that I don't want that. I want to get free from her again and when I want to step away from her I notice with fright that our bellies are stuck together. I do not panic and I am standing still and observe carefully how it feels and then I do a step backwards and am free. (curative symptom f-pr 1)
* In my first sleep I wake up and I hear my daughter very distinctly call (as if for help) "Mamma". It turned out to be my hallucination. (pt)
* My mother and me are lying on the beach, she lies very close to me. I think I have to allow that. But then she touches me between my legs, very soft and tender, she progresses further and then back and then further and on. I don't like it at all, but don't say anything. My mother is in no way sexually excited or something like that. (f-pr 1)
* My mother and me on the beach again, now it is getting flood and my mother floats away into the sea, but is washed ashore again by the waves. My feeling is, "What do I have to do?" (f-pr 1)
* Vision: a mother of flesh and blood, three-dimensional, not a flat stripe. (f-pr 1)

Comment: The theme of mother seems to be a major theme in B.W., especially the "disentanglement" from mother. The setting of borders, this is mine, that is yours.
Almost always the mother-theme is last to be solved in the end stages of the process. In our experience Thuja has been the "bottom" remedy for this (Confusion of identity - loosing yourself), but Berlin Wall and also the Lac's are sometimes indispensable complements.

Male - Female identity/division
• Very obsessed with male and female identity issues like (compensatory) male parts in women.
* Concerning male-female attraction a working woman says: "Wer hat denn keine Sehnsucht" (Who doesn't have desire). (f-pr 1)
• The stiffness in my shoulders ("the coat-hanger sensation") is less, also as if I have to move and talk less demonstrative when I am stressed. I associated this before with a part of my father that I took over to survive, but that is not me (he was always very loud, dominating and impressively present). As if I had to put up my male defence against this otherwise I was turned into a zombie and I would have disappeared like my mother. (curative symptom f-pr 1)
* In an exclusive Japanese Restaurant a female patient of mine is sitting at a table (she is a male-like lesbian woman). With her arms she makes a few rough, angular movements. "This is the male Japanese" she says, but there is also a female version of this restaurant where I want to eat with you some other time. And now she makes elegant, round, female gestures and her shoulders get exposed. This gives me a very relaxed feeling. (f-pr 1)

Sexual Perversion
* A man pulls his trousers down (in company) and wanted to have anal coition with a woman, who seemed not daring to refuse. (m-pr 4)
* Someone (a man) is urinating over my body and is sexually excited by it. (f-pr 1)
• Feeling of sexual lust, my legs wide apart, as if drunk, no inhibitions at all. (f-pr 5)

War - Violence - Cruelty
* There is a medical team together with a police force. It is Monday morning and the corpses have to be cleared away. There are a lot of half dissected bodies just at the side of the road. Out of sheer cussedness the police drives over the corpses, the corpses splash open. I see open chests with the aorta branches curved downwards like walking canes. I have the opportunity to go along with them and to enjoy my anatomy hobby, but unfortunately I already have another appointment. (m-pr 6)
* I am walking with my mother at the Lake of Geneva (where we used to go on holiday in my youth) and I was amazed that it felt so good between us. Then I see an aeroplane crashing in the lake, there is an explosion, 16 people get severely injured and later succumb and die. (f-pr 1)

Eyes/See/Soul versus Blind/filtered
• Last night I had the feeling I was blind, I opened the curtains a little and realised/saw I was not. (f-pr 1)
* I am in a new room, a stranger, nobody wants to have anything to do with me. German language is spoken. The room is a kind of cellar, half underground. They cannot see me really, there is something with their eyes. I want to touch people all the time, I detest that in myself. (f-pr 1).
* I am in a tent (like on holidays in my youth) with my parents and all of a sudden I perceive the situation just as it was in my youth. I see that when I was about nine years old I had a kind of filters before my eyes, like a kind of contact lense or film over my eyes. I think now I don't need these anymore, but then I did. Now I can see the whole situation objectively from the outside. The family structure, the hierarchy between my father and mother, myself as a defenceless child. (f-pr 1)
* My friend is lying on bed and looks me in the eyes, I am standing at the head-end of the bed and bow over. I can see through his eyes and see the whole of his past, his youth. I can see to the inside of his soul. It is an eye contact as never before. (A day before I already felt quite compassionate with his problems and past). (f-pr 1)
* Vision: two astronauts and a UFO with very modern equipment especially in relation to eye-technique (laser/photography). (f-pr 1)
• Together with my daughter I made two masks. One mask I made with glasses, on the other I made 5 eyes. (f-pr 2)
* I must find back the lenses of a certain person otherwise he cannot see. I look for them in a drawer. (f-pr 2)
* In a small aeroplane we take off in the night. We are flying into the night. During the flight I reassure a man (patient of my husband) who is frightened of everything he cannot experience visually. Every motion and vibration of the aeroplane I recognise because I have flown before in daytime with this aeroplane, so I can explain everything that happens to him. I love the rising of the plane penetrating through the clouds. I love the flying. The plane is offering very little protection, it is only metal without any isolation and we can even feel for a moment a draft from outside. Then we have flown through the night and are coming into the morning. I am surprised that we are already in the morning so quickly. I look through the window and see the night in a blotting black behind us. This is the most beautiful and impressive image from the dream. The most beautiful feeling is recognising every movement, vibration blindly which makes me feel very at ease. (curative sympt. f-pr 2)
• In a book I happen to read something that strikes deeply, "For to see it is not enough to keep the eyes open, one has also to trust and believe the eyes and what one sees. Nothing is making us more blind than a firm belief in what one already knows, in spite of what the eyes observe. Any knowledge within the reach of mankind is paired with selective blindness." (f-pr 2)

Comment: a wall takes away your sight, especially a blind wall. You cannot see what is on the other side. The wall is there to protect you from seeing what is on the other side because to see that would be too painful, you would not survive. A wall casts also a shadow on what is behind it. It is providing darkness (night, unconscious), it prevents (traumatic) things coming to light (consciousness).
Berlin Wall gives you the emotional strength to see and survive the sight, it gives you eyes.

Speed - Steep
* I have to climb a very steep street. Just before the top a couple comes towards me with a dog. The moment the dog sees me he breaks loose and from sheer playfulness he jumps against me, I fall and threaten to slide down the hill. I have to keep the dog away, and at the same time I play with him and laugh. With my right hand I hold on to a cobblestone. The man of the couple amuses himself, the dog never does this and he makes a picture.
If I get up and the dog too, I see that his hair turns red (just as red as my own). (f-pr 1)
* We are going down a very steep hill, almost vertically down, on a kind of skateboard with wheels and a steering wheel. I am steering and my mother sits behind me and clings to me in a cramp. I have to descend very carefully and concentrated and I succeed. I think it is a good thing that I am in front, I have at least overview, and my mother would only get into a total panic. (curative symptom f-pr 1).
* Everything in high speed. (f-pr 1)
* I am skating on an endless plain of ice that is ending in the water of the sea. I think I have to stop now otherwise I will end up in the water. I succeed. (f-pr 1)
* Together with my husband I run in a wood, hand in hand (in reality a lot of trouble with husband). (curative symptom?. case 6)
* K. is riding in a car and I am sitting beside him. He drives on the right side over a bridge, and then he bumps into the railing with his right front wheel. The car climbs up from its own, gets over the railing and crashes down. I don't feel anything, but I know this is the end. The car and we are totally crashed as if a road-roller had gone over it. It all happened so fast (as if I didn't get the time to wake up before the crash). (f-pr 1)
* I want to eat something and see a sign for a restaurant. I have to go down with an elevator. It goes down in a terrible speed and I have to hold myself on to big black cables (like in skilifts) and have to be constantly alert to grab the next one in time. In the end I come on a kind of flat plain and see an endless way ahead of me. I get a nasty feeling and I ask a big fat American who is standing on the other side where this is leading. He says it is still thousands of kilometres and they do it on purpose because you have to pay for every kilometre. I didn't want that, but he said you are not allowed to turn back. I'll help you, they don't grab me. Just hide behind my back. We went back, the caissiere looked at me quite suspiciously, but let me go anyway.

Cold (War); Ice - Suspicion
* It is winter and there was snow, it was very cold. I am on my way to R., a friend (who in reality is very difficult to reach). I can't find my way, then I come by my mother and she tells me the way to R. She tells me to drop by on my way back to eat a bowl of warm soup because it is so cold. When I get to R., we are going for a walk in the dunes. In the dream there is something threatening about him. I am tired,I sit and lie down. R. also lies down beside me and touches me. I say I want to go. He puts a hand on my chest. I feel suffocated and squared. I want to stand up, but I am paralysed in my lower back or I am stuck to something. I say I want to go to my mother because she is familiar to me. R.'s hand is not filled with love, but is as an iron arm of a robot that is why I am squared. (f-pr 3)

Perfectionism - "Ordnung muss sein"
• I want to clean and order everything in the house. Chaos gives fear, everything has to be settled and very precise. It is a kind of ordering to myself. (f-pr 3)
* I am in an aeroplane and make a fuss about a toilet that I think is dirty, I didn't want to use it that way. (f-pr 3)
Comment: Perfectionism can be seen as bringing (extreme) structure (building walls) to prevent the fear of chaos.

* In a big villa on top of a hill, a friend and me are babysitting. My friend goes out shopping and I take care of the children and the house. When she comes back via thick, solid stone steps at the backside of the house, it is my turn to go out shopping. It is very important not to forget to lock the front door with an old (fashioned) rusty solid key. I went down the road and passed all kinds of shops with beautiful clothes. I wanted to buy for at least Dfl 3.000, but unfortunately I had only Dfl 250. (f-pr 1)

Other symptoms
• Fear sexual energy is going to escalate. (f-pr 2)
* The word: SYMBOL kept repeating .(f-pr 2)
• Very frustrated when things went wrong. Frustration seems to be a characteristic of this remedy. I cannot deal with it, but also a feeling that I have to go through my frustrations. I must confront them and do something about it .(f-pr 2)
• The feeling that "having to win" is another important theme of Berlin Wall. (f-pr 1) Comment: one could see winning as the other side (= overcoming the "walls") of frustration.
• Weeping about incidents in youth. Throwing doors with feelings of powerlessness, anger (Staphysagria like). (f-pr 2)
• Weepy, with the speed of one tear per hour, but still ameliorating. (f-pr 2)
• Desire to work at night (quietness, more in contact with myself). (f-pr 2)
• I harden when I feel no emotional response from the other person (husband). When I have given up hope after waiting a long time I become as hard as concrete, inexorable. (f-pr 2)
• Feeling a very deep contact with myself, afraid I will get addicted to the remedy. (curative symptom f-pr 2)
• I am drawn to buy light yellow clothing during this remedy proving. (f-pr 2)
• I often caught myself smiling (especially the first days of the proving). (f-pr 2)
• During the first contact with the remedy I can feel its energy going to the site of my bronchitis. Stays there for a while and then suddenly it penetrates me very deeply. It touches something, like a deep hurt. (f-pr 2)

• Frequent urination; must hasten or will urinate. (f-pr 3)
• Irritation right little toenail-edge. (f-pr 3)
• Perspiration night. (f-pr 3)
• A jerking muscle in the left elbow and jerks of my right arm in sleep. (f-pr 1)
• Pain in left eye, motion <. (f-pr 1)
• (Illusion of) the smell of vanilla. (m-pr 4)
• Acute smell. (f-pr 2)
• Desire pepper salami.
• Cough at night, with green sputum. (f-pr 2)
• Stiff and painful over whole body morning on waking. (f-pr 2)
• Dizziness. (f-pr 2)
• Pain lower back radiating to lower abdomen and hips. A pain like labour pain, in waves, burning; sitting <, lying >, beginning motion <, continued motion >. (f-pr 2)
• Burning, shooting pains at the surface at the level of the left hip. (f-pr 2)
• Constriction throat before sleep. (f-pr 2)
• Back as if broken, as having slept in a too soft bed, morning on waking. (f-pr2)
• Cramping in uterus, at night (as before beginning menses). (f-pr 2)
• Headache above right eye during menses, pressing amel. (f-pr 2)
• Headache above and behind left eye while running. (m-pr 7)
• Headache is worsening with cold chills, warm bath>. I have to lie down from the pain and fall asleep. (f-pr 2)
• Terrible itching about the front side of the elbows. (m-pr 8)
• Pain in old scars, touching skin around it<<. (f-pr 9)
• Heavy menses (blood running down the legs) and headache, provoked by BW 30 were immediately gone after Berlin Wall LM 1. (f-pr 2)

Summary Picture of Berlin Wall
In the next article the given cases give some indication in what kind of problems Berlin Wall can be of use. Very often Berlin Wall is a very valuable intercurrent (comparable with Nat-mur) in cases where traumatic incidents from the past have been walled off and where the indicated remedy didn't or insufficiently touched those trauma's. We have seen two kinds of types reacting well on Berlin Wall.
1. The "wall" types, closed, walled off, impenetrable; sometimes with barbwire on it ("don't touch me"). You have to differentiate them from Natrium muriaticum or other muriaticums, Sepia, Aurum's, Calcarea's, Lac's.
2. The "borderless" types, they lack a wall. Everything and everybody can walk in, defenceless. No structure, therefore confusion and panics.

The walls in type 2 are not against the outside world, they have been erected inside against the unresolved traumatic experiences from the past that are lurking in the unconscious and trying to emerge to consciousness. Most of them have reacted on Thuja, Phos, Stram, Lac's, Hydrogen or hallucinogens (Anh, Cann-i) in the past. After Berlin Wall they have the ability to set clear borders, they often can "see" clearly now (and painfully) how it really was (The theme of eyes in Berlin Wall). You can see type 1 as a compensation/compulsion surviving mechanism of type 2. If you lack natural borders the most logic defence is building an impenetrable wall (nothing can come in and nothing goes out).

The deepest delusion of Berlin Wall is probably not being able to make a distinction (a natural border) between himself and the other person. The Berlin Wall person very easily lets the other person inside of himself (no border) and then sees (and judges) himself from the other person's perspective. The repertory rubric: ‘Fear, observed, of her condition being’ is one of the expressions of this problem. It is interesting to see that Calcarea, Lapis -c-b, Lapis-mar-c are all in this rubric, all stony substances, also Berlin Wall can be added (see case 1). Germany in the form of Germanium is also present in this rubric.

After this presentation of Berlin Wall on the boat trip the atmosphere in the group changed from one of harmony and mutual understanding into a discordial one (a proving symptom of Berlin Wall?). One party had some kind of an averse feeling towards the remedy arguing that we can also start proving the rope of a ship or prison wall(s). One participant confessed that she was quite angry when hearing that her husband was prescribed Berlin Wall, it being a "non-remedy". The other side claimed Berlin Wall to be the materialised (manmade) concept in the outer world of (the inner) separating, dividing walling off (survival)mechanism present in most western civilized (wo)men and therefore a potentially deep acting remedy for a lot of patients. The discussion got a bit "emotional" in which I (being in one of the parties) got the feeling I was not heard, as if talking to a wall and therefore could not hear anymore. If I cannot hear anymore the other party will get the feeling of not being heard, as if talking to a wall. Fortunately we could dance our walls away in the evening. I must confess that the same controversial feelings were elicited in me when I heard of Berlin Wall as a homeopathic remedy for the first time. My "Berlin Wall" was broken down when I trusted and believed my eyes seeing the effects of Berlin Wall as a homeopathic remedy.

Kees Dam

Keywords: Berlin wall, Forsaken, separation, mask, oppression, terror, lack of structure, traumatic incident, impenetrable, borderless, set clear borders,


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i disagree with Ruth's idea of the Berlin wall being, even just partly, a symbol for freedom, cultural expression, a great time, "fantastic art piece" etc.... Yes, it was very nice for young people living in Berlin at the time... who doesn't like money being thrown at them and living on a super-westernized island of commercialism in the middle of a grim communist ocean? it's a "fun" feeling, but the fun is illusional. People were shot dead at the wall, and 24/7 it caused heartache and pain and many many horrible situations for thousands of people, not just in the GDR, but on a larger scale, in the whole communist world... in that light, the "fun" and "freedom" of West Berlin seems even darker to me, and turning this brutal wall into a "fantastic" art gallery seems like a tragic joke. Maybe there is a remedy out there that represents "all the fun and freedom of west berlin", but it certainly isn't the Berlin wall
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I Bought a Piece of the Berlin Wall Years Ago
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@ Jonathan Stallick

Your story of the couple who broke up shortly after visiting the Berlin Wall when it was being torn down (and having bought a piece of it as a momento) is very interesting. I wonder if the couple would still be together today if they had not bought the momento.

I visited the Ronald Reagan Library years ago (1990 or early 1990s) when I was on vacation visiting family in California ... while at the library the one thing I bought in the gift shop was a boxed chunk of the Berlin Wall with certificate of authenticity. I have been very much a loner and have never married ... I sound a lot like the girl in your comment posting.

But I was not a loner when younger ... shy at first maybe ... but NOT a loner. I wonder if the chunk of wall has anything to do with this personality change. It has been a lot of years since I bought the piece of the Berlin Wall ... not sure where that chunk of wall is ... but I know I never threw it out. I will have to see if I can find it ... maybe it's time to let it go.

In addition to becoming a loner I've become a hoarder since then. Could the piece of wall have anything to do with that???
W. R. Smyser author of "Kennedy and the Berlin Wall" wrote ...
"Some Berliners still had the hoarding instinct that they had developed during World War II and the Berlin blockade." ... I wonder if a piece of the wall could also cause emotions that bring about hoarding (and not just my post Berlin Wall 'loner' personality change)???

Anyway... while I am looking for my souvenir wall chunk from the Berlin Wall, I may try ordering the remedy 'Berlin Wall' 30c or 200c to see if it has any positive effects on me.

Joanne 'JC' Johnson
Jonathan Stallick
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Berlin Wall
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This reminds me of a case I had some years ago: a woman who had split from her boyfriend a few years previously and had not been able to form a relationship since. I enquired as to the situation surrounding the break up and she said it happened shortly after she and the boyfriend had visited Berlin at the time of the breaking up of the wall and they had bought a chunk of the wall as a momento. I asked where that piece of the wall was now and she said under her sofa in her living room. I advised her to get rid of the piece of berlin wall and I gave her Berlin Wall in potency. A week later she met a man who became her hsuband and as far as I know they are still together now. We can see illustrated the theme of separation here in this remedy.

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Berlin Wall Article
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What I love most about Homeopathy is that it works in the realm of energy. We know that energy surrounds us and is part of us, it connects us to everything.
Therefor I am surprised by Homeopaths who have a clear definition of what can and can't be a remedy.
I think this restriction is only in the mind of the beholder.
Thank you for continuing to break through further boundaries by exploring more unconventional remedies. I think we have a lot to learn from them.

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I am curious: when proving remedies such as this, do you do extensive double-blind testing, to make sure the proving results are actually from the product itself? It seems rather self-evident to me that someone would expect feelings of separation, cold war or the like, from a product called "Berlin Wall". Would the same be the case if it was called something else? Or if a person were told (s)he was given "Berlin Wall", when in reality it was something else?

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I found this post very interesting. It was very interesting how you worded it. I am going to do a little more research about it and hopefully I will be able to solve my questions.
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The provers were homeopaths and a few patients (patients knew the remedy, homeopaths did not). But I must honestly say that I never saw any difference in the quality of the proving depending on if the prover knew the remedy or not. It is quite difficult to influence your dreams or body in a conscious way. The quality of the proving depends in my experience for 90 percent on the "quality" of the prover, his or more often her sensitivity, dreamrecollection, ability to discern proving material from own material.

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Reply #7 on : Fri June 22, 2007, 12:10:19
I would like to ask You, what kind of provers participated by your proving (homeopaths, etc.), and if they knew, what they are taking?

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July 06/06

In looking at the cases posted by Kees, #'s 1,3, &6,it may show that certain relationships that are weak and have the potential for a breakup, may do so after this remedy.I'm wondering if any of you out there have seen this in your work; and vice versa, that is, in its polarity, where it could improve and save a relationship,"cement" or improve the bond between people.

I've been working with a couple for over 2 years and it's co-dependent.One won't leave, the other doesn't have the courage to end it.I can't give
any more info than this.

Any ideas or comments.


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ive been living in Berlin most of my life, which means i knew the wall from inside the western part.
ilike to add some positve details
in the 70ties & 80ties with the sqatters mouvement there was a kultural freedom, that came
out of the situation that lots of money went into west Berlin, while the fraudulent use of those millions led to catastrophic speculations with the imobilia, this could be shown and thus there was a social mouvement with much approval from the average people. Thus the deamoniacal picture of the wall will not be shared by every Berliner of the west those days. I believe in morphogenetic fields, which would explain the special load of the Berlin wall, but i miss this other positive part of the story in your grimm picture. Remenber: the wall was from the west side a fantastic art piece, because of all the paintings on it.

greetings from Berlin

Ruth Luschnat
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