2011 October

A case of Phalaenopsis gigantea

by Sally Williams

Male age 38 with ADD and depression. He was susceptible to migraine headaches, liquid stools and joint pain. He was tall with a very large belly. He was taking Wellbutrin, Strattera and Effexor.

He would weep while telling me of his difficulties. He felt useless and always had a problem with self-confidence. He had a terrible time learning to read and write. The first time he read a book from cover to cover was when he was 35. He had problems with his co-workers understanding what he was saying. He would have to explain himself repeatedly which made him feel very frustrated and angry:

“I feel incapable to communicate. That is probably the hardest thing. That is probably the biggest thing. I feel ignored. I get blamed for the miscommunication.”

He and his wife argued a lot because they did not communicate well:

“We try and try but, basically communication stops.”

He would become angry and frustrated and then depressed and withdraw.

The first remedy I gave was Natrum Phosphoricum with no action. The second remedy was Baryta Phosphoricum, which gave him relief from the headaches, and enabled him to wean off all his medications, but he became more frustrated and angry:

“I feel guilty for yelling at my wife because it makes our daughter feel bad. What I am trying to say is not getting heard. Lately it is not the way it use to be, I would have feelings of rage, but I have always kept that inside of me until it gets too far. Now I am feeling the rage and yelling. A lot of my issue is that we do not communicate. Communicating to me is totally different to her.”

Next remedy, Phalaenopsis gigantea

Subsequent follow up visits:

“I am a lot better emotionally. My irritability is much better.”

“The communication is getting better. I do not know if my superintendent is starting to realize that I do know what I am doing or if it is because I am explaining myself better.”

“My wife says that I am much more pleasant to be around. We have a new way of communicating. I am not sure what the difference is, but we understand each other.”

“I actually picked up a book and I am reading about 20 minutes a night.”

“My shoulders are so much better. My back is so much better. My back is great except if I have a strong jarring. I have lost 4 to 6 pounds. My body fat has gone from 32 percent to 28.2 percent.”

“Going to the bathroom my bowels are formed and only very rarely liquid.

I have not had even a hint of a headache.”



Keywords: ADD, depression, migraines, liquid stools, joint pains, communication problems
Remedies: Phalaenopsis gigantea


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