2011 October
Editorial: provings and protocols
Keywords: provings, protocols
Jan's column: following up on follow-ups
Keywords: follow-up, proving, Neodymium, stage 6
The Red Admiral butterfly: military man among the ladies
Keywords: Red Admiral butterfly, Vanessa Atalanta, abandonment, loss of the father, military
A case of Vanessa Atalanta
A case of Vanessa Atalanta, by Patricia Maher
Keywords: genital rash, post traumatic stress disorder, attachment to the father, abandonment, concern with death and grief
Phalaenopsis gigantea: the Hahnemannian proving of Elephant ear orchid
Keywords: confusion, frustration, learning difficulties, anxiety, depression, heartburn, eyes problems
A case of Phalaenopsis gigantea
Keywords: ADD, depression, migraines, liquid stools, joint pains, communication problems
Citrus nobilis: the Great Lakes proving of Temple orange
Keywords: superiority, inclusion/exclusion, healing the wounds created by rejection
A case of Citrus nobilis
A case of Citrus nobilis, by Nancy Frederick
Keywords: exclusion, ovarian cyst, acne, tinea versicolor, menstrual pain
Lepomis gibbosus: the Great Lakes proving of Pumpkinseed sunfish
Keywords: intolerance, Alzheimer, Parkinson, headache, vertigo, numbness