2013 December
Editorial: Matridonal remedies - gifts of the mother
Keywords: editorial
A short story of the Matridonal remedies: Incarnation - from Heaven to Earth
Keywords: Matridonal remedies
Oxytocin in practice: the endless search for mother love
Oxytocin in practice: the endless search for mother love, by Danièle Joulin, Deborah Collins
Keywords: post-partum depression, gynecological problems, detachment, fusional mother-child relationship, infidelity, weaning
Communication and bonding: six cases of Oxytocinum
Keywords: communication, bonding, depression, breastfeeding problems, weaning, autism
Day dreaming: a case of Oxytocinum
Keywords: bronchitis, concentration problems, miscarriages, induced birth
A study of Placenta
A study of Placenta, by Hans Eberle, Friedrich Ritzer
Keywords: nursing, becoming detached, exhaustion, idealisation, own identity, dependency
My life has become colourless and disconnected: a case of Umbilical cord
Keywords: connection, release, breaking bonds, cutting pains, exhaustion
Feeling left out: a case of Umbilical cord and Amniotic fluid
Keywords: isolated, unaccepted, death of a twin, homesickness, identity
Everything is too much: three cases of Vernix caseosa
Keywords: unprotected, naked, vulnerable, hypersensitive, overwrought