2013 December

My life has become colourless and disconnected: a case of Umbilical cord

by Alize Timmerman

A rather plump woman from Croatia asked me for help following her mastectomy. She is so overwhelmed by exhaustion that she cannot do her work anymore. She teaches movement therapy on the streets, but she has become so sensitive to her environment that she has started to isolate herself instead of going out. She picks up the thoughts and emotions of others, and experiences her environment in different dimensions. This has started after her breast operation and the subsequent chemotherapy. Everything seems to go under her skin, giving her the feeling of having no resistance, and making her very tired. “It is as though I don’t have a protective coat on anymore, as though I am naked.” She has frequent infections.

She feels that she has to suppress her feelings now, since they are too much for her.
“I have become grey and masculine after losing my breast, because I don’t allow myself to feel that which comes to me from others.
“I am so dissatisfied with myself. I am no longer a real mother, and I don’t know what it means to be a real mother anymore. I don’t know how to listen to myself. I long to be a real woman. I am not getting better. I am so vulnerable, like a newborn baby. It is as though someone has put a knife in me, as though I am cut off from life. I am now cut off from my motherly feelings, and cut off from my connection with my son and daughter, mentally and physically. Our relationship is severed. I am not fit as a mother. I am aborted, and my vitality if cut off. My connection with Mother Earth is cut off, too. I don’t know how to be true to myself. My body feels as though it has been betrayed.
“I have an unfamiliar backache, and I have lost the strength in my legs; my feet shuffle instead of walking properly. I feel cut off from my energy stream. I have made myself invisible: people cannot see me, and I cannot make myself visible anymore. If I become visible then everything comes in, and I have to go inside myself to become invisible again. My mental strength is gone. I have to live in isolation. I don’t know how to love myself, and I have to fight to feel my vitality.
“My mother was never there for me; when I was very young, she cut the emotional umbilical cord. For years, I tried to go to her to establish a bond; I kept hoping and waiting for it to happen, but it never did. She remained rigid towards me; she didn’t have any desire to connect with me.”

Allergies, sneezing, reacting to everything
Tingling and stitching sensations in the face
“Everything feels heavy, every step is heavy.”
Heavy feeling in belly and stomach, with great need for potatoes, sugars and other carbohydrates
Recurrent flu symptoms; mild fever with pain in joints and heavy feeling in limbs

Themes of Umbilical cord
- Connection, release, breaking the bonds                                                                                                          
- Dimensions                                                                                                                                                             
- Transformation

The proving illustrates a particular sort of connection: a connection with Mother Earth, family, Life, convictions and situations. This is a different sort of connection than with oneself. The connection with Mother Earth is archetypal: one bonds with the earth that one lives on, and with life. Once one has bonded with Mother Earth, one is incarnated, present, born. In our Western culture we find this in several sayings, such as “earthly existence” and “to fall in good soil”. The bond with family is via one’s parents and grandparents. If this bond is strong, one can come into contact with other dimensions via the ancestors.

Release of people and of life itself, feeling free to die. The connection and release is also manifested in the desire to be free from others, to detach oneself from the group, to refuse to be influenced, and to stand up for oneself.

It involves a sudden disconnection and release, sometimes of relationships and work, but also of convictions. The sudden character of this disconnection was seen in the proving in the form of “cutting through”. It comes all at once, is short and irreversible. The pain can be sharp, but it is localised. It is not necessarily unexpected, one can see it coming. It resembles the situation of the cutting of the umbilical cord, sudden and irreversible, cutting the unity with the mother.

In the proving we also see contact with other dimensions, spirit guides and ancestors. There is a distorted experience of time, which can manifest in some people as a form of depression or being overwrought. There are also psychotic experiences, such as distorted sense of reality, pointing to the remedy’s possible use in some psychotic experiences having to do with “landing on earth”. The contact with other dimensions also shows up in the form of intensified sensory perception, such as increased sense of smell, and out of body experiences. Sleep is also referred to here as a form of contact with the other side.

Transformation is seen in aspects: insights, overview, and standing up for oneself. Umbilical cord could possibly be helpful in supporting deep transformation processes.

The umbilical cord contains many stem cells. These stem cells can help to make healthy tissue, and are put to use these days in the treatment of Parkinson and heart and blood vessels diseases. The homeopathic remedy Umbilical cord can help in the treatment of illnesses such as cancer, helping to create healthy new tissue.

The remedy has been potentised to the C5 level, each level of which presents a specific theme, symptoms and experiences. In short, the themes of the various trituration steps are as follows:

C1 trituration: The physical dimension. Here we look into the organism itself, in its biological, physiological dimension. The vital force, the energy of the substance, makes itself known at a physical level. The main theme at a C1 level is: freedom and influence.

C2 trituration: the emotional dimension. This level is experienced as the most “cold” level: the participants experienced many oppositions in their emotions. The main theme here is: defiance and connection/release.

C3 trituration: the mental dimension. Here, one goes beyond the physical dimension and comes in contact with entities and religious experiences. It is where one weighs and judges, comparing with others and thinking in polarities. The main theme here is: dimensions and transformation.

C4 trituration: the central level, representing spiritual life beyond seeing and feeling. Here one finds inspiration, freedom of choice and synchronicity without the interference of the mind. The main themes here are: peace and synchronisation.

C5 trituration: the transcendent experience. This level refers to the individual subconscious, archetypes, dreams and shadows, the driving force of our subconscious in relationship to our vitality and our source. The main theme of this level is: connection with Mother Earth.

Analysis of the case: it was the feeling of being cut off, at various levels, that led to the prescription; the loss of a feeling of unity, a cutting of the umbilical cord with the mother. We see in her case:

- Breast is cut off                                                                                                                                                      
- Cut off from her mother                                                                                                                                                
- Cut off from her children                                                                                                                                                  
- Cut off from Mother Earth                                                                                                                                           
- Cut off from her own body                                                             
- Cut off from her creativity

Follow-up: the patient did remarkably well on the remedy. I gave her various potencies, coinciding with the various levels. I started with 1300/5, the level of birth, then 220/5, the mental level, where one begins to understand why one is in this situation. Then followed 40/5, where one connects with one’s emotions, allowing an emotional processing to take place. By making use of the different potencies, one can bring the various parts of the person together, whereby the person beings to feel whole again.

After two months: at first, she had a severe throat infection with cutting pains, infected eyes, sinusitis and diarrhoea. She was quite ill while everything came loose, with many cutting pains. She had a dream wherein she was teaching, and she felt “seen”. She had many dreams of children. She began to model with clay, creating various forms that allowed to her feel her connection to Mother Earth. She began to feel her passion and longing returning, as well as a sense of strength and vitality streaming back into her body; she felt more in touch with her body. She felt a desire to share with others and to give back to them, and she felt less alone, and more in touch with nature.
“I am entering life again.” The infections and flu symptoms receded quickly.

The anger that was centred in her back loosened up; she was able to release it due to her connection with nature. She felt that the anger had to do with not being able to access and express her feelings, since she was cut off from them. The sense of colour in her life returned, where once it had been colourless and grey.

The treatment was rounded off with Lac humanum, which often follows Umbilical cord very well.

In Lac humanum, Umbilical cord and Amniotic fluid, we see many complaints of the immune system, for instance allergies and persistent influenza. Cutting pains are specific for Umbilical cord.

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