2012 June
Editorial: valuable variables
Keywords: editorial
The world is a dangerous place, I need protection: a proving of Oplopanax horridus
Keywords: defense, protection, strength, violence, infection, antimycobacterial, anti-fungal, Staphylococcus aureus, tuberculosis, diabetes, rheumatism, arthritis, MRSA, ulcers
A case of Morphinum
A case of Morphinum, by Katharina Riedener
Keywords: Fentanyl, Oxycondone, Oxycontin, morphine, drug addiction and withdrawal, restless, obsessive, aggressive, dirty, sleep disruption, kidney colic
A case of Positronium
A case of Positronium, by Jessica Jackson
Keywords: anger, depression, negativity, destroy, explode, universe, God, Satan, torn, divided
I bring everything inside me, hold on to it and slowly it dissolves in my system
Keywords: anxiety, digestive process, bloating, acidity, swallow, break up, grind, filter, ferment, flowing
Clinging and letting go: a case of autism spectrum disorder
Keywords: birth trauma, Autism Spectrum Disorder, systemic Candida, colds and croupy coughs, ear infections, clinging
A case of Pulmonaria officinalis
A case of Pulmonaria officinalis, by Katharina Riedener
Keywords: coughing, breathing problems, birth of a younger brother, fundamentalist community, Boraginaceae, loss, stages 14 and 15