2011 December
Editorial: reflections
Editorial: reflections, by Deborah Collins, Patricia Maché
Keywords: editorial
Jan's column: in memoriam Patricia Le Roux
Keywords: Patricia Le Roux
The elements of life; Carbon series
The elements of life; Carbon series, by Jan Scholten, Alex Leupen
Keywords: Carbon series, birth process, father, mother
Bird remedies; bridging both worlds
Keywords: bridging both worlds, wisdom, poise, maturity, confidence,
Barium fluoratum: a case of multiple recurrent ceratocystic tumors
Keywords: ceratocysts lower jaw, sun allergy, unsure, reserved, rejected by the father, ridiculed
Chlamydia trachomatis: clinical observations
Keywords: Sensation of disappearing, of ticks, of a membrane, backache, swelling of meninges
Case-witnessing process: If I can't be one...
Keywords: lack of identity, artificial, uncertainty, bronchial asthma
Sumbulus moschatus; keeping perfect control
Keywords: Epilepsy, darkness, unexpected, difficult mother, perfection,
Inspired stocking-fillers
Inspired stocking-fillers, by Deborah Collins, Patricia Maché
Keywords: Mathison, Kusse, Welte, Gebhardt/Hansel, Spectrum of Homeopathy