2011 December

Barium fluoratum: a case of multiple recurrent ceratocystic tumors

by Martin Jakob

A forty year old woman comes with ceratocysts in her left lower jaw, which she has had since four years. She has had an operation to remove the cysts but she feels that  the cysts are growing again in her jawbone. It is a pressing pain; sometimes the whole jaw is painful.
The sun makes her feel weak; she also has a sun allergy, and headache from sun.
She wakes in the night around 3am.

She is quite unsure of herself and does not like to say much. She says that it comes from her upbringing, where she was not allowed to say anything. She is the youngest of 6 children, and her brother, who was one year older than her, was the king.

The mother was a difficult, domineering person; no one was even allowed to defend themselves. The father was milder. The parents ran a restaurant together and the whole family had to work there. She always wanted to break free and to run away but she was not allowed to do the apprenticeships that she wanted to. She felt that she would have been kicked out of the family if she had gone her own way – it was mostly her father who gave her this feeling. She did not dare to stand up for herself.

When she feels the pain in her jawbone, she feels depressed, she lies down, and wants to sleep.


There are a lot of stage 2 issues in this case:
- unsure
- does not like to say much
- does not dare to stand up for herself. She felt, she would have been kicked out of the family if she did, particularly with her father
One could say that she was rejected by the father, which if we think in terms of Jan Scholten’s Element Theory, indicates Fluor

Prescription: Calcium fluoratum C 200 and then MK. This remedy covered also the pathology quite well.

Follow ups:

In the beginning, she felt good and had no pain. The X-ray showed that the cysts were stable and had stopped growing. Mentally, she felt more stable and not so unsure and timid anymore. After half a year and regular repetiton of Calcium fluoratum, however, the pain came back, and the cysts started to grow again.

Calcium carbonicum, Calcium silicatumHecla lava, Syphilinum and Barium phosphoricum were given without much relief. After nine months, she had another operation because the cysts kept growing: the bone areas around the cysts were removed.

Seven months after the operation, the pain came back, which is the typical sign that the cysts were growing again.

She, then, tells me that during the time she worked in her parents’ restaurant, she had too many responsibilities and it simply felt too much. As mentioned before, I had given her Barium phosphoricum because her brother had ridiculed and beaten her in childhood, which was very hard on her.

Another time, she told me that in the restaurant, which was also a kind of pub, people were often making vulgar sexual jokes, which was very difficult for her to cope with emotionally; laughed at (Barium) sexually (Fluor).

 So, in the end, Barium fluoratum MK was given.

After a short time, the pain and the feeling that the cysts were coming back were gone. She feels that this remedy is working on all levels for the first time; both on her mind and the jawbone.

After one year and regular repetitions of Barium fluoratum, she feels very good, emotionally and mentally, and the X-ray is clear.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons
La serveuse de bocks; Edouard Manet








Keywords: ceratocysts lower jaw, sun allergy, unsure, reserved, rejected by the father, ridiculed
Remedies: Barium fluoratum, Calcium fluoratum


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