2010 October
Editorial: Actinides - act one
Keywords: editorial
Tribute to David Warkentin
Tribute to David Warkentin, by Roger Morrison, Christine Breen
Keywords: David Warkentin
Torako Yui: the miracle in Japanese homeopathy
Keywords: homeopathy, Japan, miracle
Actinides: the hidden camera and the broken mirror
Keywords: Actinides
Neptunium nitricum: wise beyond his years
Keywords: eczema, grandmother, bursting with energy, practices, wise, observe, perceive
Uranium nitricum and hereditary lymphatic leukemia
Keywords: hereditary lymphatic leukemia, decay and death, rising against all odds
Uranium and Iodum: a wise old child
Keywords: congenital deformities, recurring pneumonia, wise old child, fear of fire, Hiroshima
Uraninitum and Uranium nitricum in hereditary spherocytosis
Keywords: hereditary spherocytosis, old looking, x-ray vision, radiates heat
Book review: The Periodic Table in Homeopathy by Ulrich Welte
Keywords: Periodic table, Silver series