2009 Juillet
The element theory and implicate archetypal order
Mots-clés: psychological response patterns, Whitmont, Descartes, allopathy, holistic medical system, responsibility, Illnesses, Grossinger, Jan Scholten, implicate archetypal order, essence, Sankaran, element theory, Hahnemann, polychrests, datedness, healing of the soul, David Bohm, ego disturbance, Laughlin, similar field patterns, stages, life cycle, Greene & Sasportas, the Father Principle, mother archetype, Neumann, Illness
Angelica Archangelica in Alopecia areata
Mots-clés: Angelica Archangelica, Alopecia areata
Beryllium metallicum /woman with COPD
Beryllium metallicum /woman with COPD, de Dr.Bharati Devkota and Dr.Rob Brik
Mots-clés: Berylium-metallicum, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseas
Bismuthum /5 more cases
Bismuthum /5 more cases, de Ulrich Welte
Mots-clés: bismuthum, suicide
Editorial July 2009
Editorial July 2009, de Jan Scholten
Mots-clés: Editorial