2009 Avril
Chemical Algebra: part two
Mots-clés: Massimo Mangialavori, Roger Morrison, Thomas Kuhn, (Jeremy Sherr, Guy Claxton, G. Spencer Brown, Valentin Tomberg, Guy Claxton
Cerium phosphoricum in Crohn's disease
Mots-clés: auto-immune disease, crohns disease, cerium phosphoricum, extreme lack of confidence
Belladonna in labour
Belladonna in labour, de Abhay Tawalkar
Mots-clés: Belladonna, labour, intense labour pains
Ferrum iodatum in stress
Ferrum iodatum in stress, de Alistair Dempster
Mots-clés: ferrum iodatum, stress
Tungsten metallicum_A case of
Mots-clés: Tungsten metallicum
The future of homeopathy , homeopathy for Epidemics, collective trauma and endemic diseases
Mots-clés: Genus epidemicus, Greg Bedayn, Belladonna, Thomas L. Bradford, Gebhardt, Isaac Golden, Dr.TA McCann, Dean W.A. Pearson, Herbert A Roberts, Todd Hoover , Haris Coulter,
Editorial April 2009
Editorial April 2009, de Jan Scholten
Mots-clés: editorial