September 2014

You protect what you love: a case of Testosterone

by Geoff Johnson

Man in his forties. Severe asthma case, which previously responded well to the radioactive actinide remedy Californium nitricum. Several months later he returned with pain in his testicles and frequent urination at night. Antibiotics and a repeat dose of Californium nitricum did not solve the problem.

Responsibility for my family

I’m messed up emotionally. I wasn’t prepared for my dad’s death. I’m alone and empty, like an animal that has lost its pack, just left to wander. I’m so torn up with responsibility for my family.

Last man standing

You think you’re tough so let’s see how tough you are. It’s like Braveheart wielding an axe, chopped to pieces, finally collapsing. I’m the last man standing.

Tough yet spiritual in the wilderness

I want to bike to Nepal, go into the mountains with the creatures and the people. There’s freedom there where the material world doesn’t count. Soaring birds and snow leopards, freedom and values I can relate to. I want to hang out with Tibetan people, mountain people. Tough yet spiritual in the wilderness. In the natural world, which is wild and beautiful, I am totally connected to nature. I feel primitive, alone and wild.

Primitive power

I want to be a nomad, to have freedom and be on the move and to have kinship with nature. This is a yearning. When I’m on my own in the wilderness, I feel a primitive power. I let out a primal scream and roar.

Triumph against the odds

I must be like an athlete and keep battling. I am a warrior. I must pick myself off the floor and be victorious even if it takes a huge battle. Triumph against the odds. Victory. The spirit of a manly embrace.

When I embraced my father I loved it.

Tribe and family

It is tribes in teepees, communities – that's what's important about being human. It is warmth, brotherhood, tribe, family, protection, taking risks, leadership. It is brutal and honest. It is a loving family, around the fire; making love by the fire.

Lack of father’s love

As a child I stammered and had asthma. I didn't feel masculine enough.

I yearned for my father's love and affection but he was cruel as well as warm. He didn’t come to my wedding. He thought I was a failure.

After my father died, I realized he was still within me. He hasn’t died.

Courage and adventure

We have carried this through generation after generation. It runs through the men. There is great courage and adventure. When he was 12 years old my grandfather went north for the gold rush.

Ancient powerful energy

I went walking in Cornwall; on the cliff path I felt I was going to go over. I was being taken by that ancient energy, the energy is overwhelming, ancient, so powerful. Ancient father is in the cliffs. Those granite cliffs are so masculine, they overtake me.

Like a hunted animal

I can never again be the warrior, I am now just a hunted animal with no pride, scavenging to stay alive, hiding, running through the woods at speed, hunted, the last one left.

Life is at stake

All life is at stake, I scream with rage and grief. What is happening to the planet, to the wild animals? How can we stop the extinction? Will there be anything left to show the kids? It’s madness, we have crossed the line, there is nothing left to lose.

Protect what you love

We must take up arms – it is like Avatar. I will die beside the wild animals. Let them come. Gather up all that you love, there’s nothing else to do. I must do this or there will be nothing left. It will just be barren, futile, nothing. I see a planet with no life, I fear, which is like the slaughter of the tribe. No tribe, alone, all you knew that was life is gone. It just leaves the lone warrior. All that is human is destroyed. I could smash my arm, crazy shit – just walk into a hail of bullets.

This is what you do as a man. There is no way to go – you give up, or you do it. You protect what you love.

Prescription: Testosterone 30C


Initially, I had taken the themes of destruction of life on planet earth, as themes of the Actinide series: “there will be nothing left. It will just be barren, futile, nothing. I see a planet with no life…”

The spiritual warrior, who wants to save the whole world, is the vision of the seventh series of the periodic table. He talks about the primeval energy of the cliff in Cornwall, which is radioactive rock, “the energy that is overwhelming, ancient and so powerful.”

The theme of primitive man reminds us of themes in the proving of Plutonium nitricum. “What is happening to the planet, to the wild animals? How can we stop the extinction? Will there be anything left to show the kids?” Destruction of the planet, generation to generation, are radioactive themes.

Californium is stage 12 – the steepest decline of the periodic table, where we see the desperation of the revolutionary (as in Mercurius). He has been at the top of his game – victory. Now all is lost, there is nothing left if we carry on this madness. In stage 12 there is no surrender, there is no Geneva convention, unlike the foot soldiers of stage 8 Ferrum, he will break his arm and walk into a hail of bullets. Hence, the initial prescription of Californium nitricum.


When he returned with prostate problems and testicle pain, I looked at the original case notes again, and saw the themes of protection, father, masculinity. We had not yet done the proving of testosterone at Bristol Homeopathic Hospital, but I recognized the essence of testosterone.

I had hypothesized that the Sarcodes need a job, and testosterone’s job is protection of the ones you love. “This is what you do as a man. You protect what you love.”

Extinction of nature and planet is in the context of the human family. “Will there be anything left to show the kids?”

Besides the fighting talk and raw adventure, there is human love, tribe, family, making love by the fire. You “gather up all that you love.” Ultimately, the fighting talk is for protection of those you love.

Insecure in his masculinity

Lack of father love and loss of his father are the aetiology for his symptoms. We see how he felt insecure of his masculinity, stammering in childhood, and developing pain in the testicles as an adult man after the loss of his father.

Testosterone 30C solved the problem in days.

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