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X-ray, an article on

by Louis Klein
X ray
In IFH 1995 L. Klein has written the following article.

He thinks X-ray is one of the strong sycotic remedies with the characteristic theme: deceptiveness. Allen: Old venereal symptoms come back up.
From the signature X ray is easy comprehensible. His description is really worthwhile.

Mental Indications: Strong sycotic miasm [Thuja., Med., Jab., X ray]. Deceptiveness.

I consider X-ray to be a "deeper" Thuja with its own characteristic mental state; with more irritability than Thuja, suicidal impulses, and characteristics suggesting the signature of X-ray.
It is definitely a remedy to consider when Thuja fails to act in a case.

The mental symptoms of the original proving in Allen were as follows: Mental irritability. Clearing up of mental function after sharp stabbing pain in left temple staggering him, the heart feeling the impulse immediately. Mental depression after snatches of sleep for twelve days. Mental processes not clear, writes wrong words in letters. Mental condition upset during profuse menstruation, would like to kill somebody. Misanthropy during renal colic, did not want to answer questions, did not want to see anybody or to talk to anybody, being completely prostrated.

The mental symptoms according to the Complete Repertory: Company, aversion to. Delusions of sulphur vapors. Dreams, amorous. Dreams, lewd, lascivious, voluptuous. Irritability. Kill, desire to; during menses; before menses. Sadness, despondency, dejection, mental depression, gloom, melancholy. Sadness, despondency; after sleep. Suicidal disposition, throwing himself from, height, a {6, 16, 0} (Vithoulkas).
These symptoms reflect a more irritable, expressive, and uncompensated state of the remedy.

Signature of the Remedy: You cannot see x-rays.
It is equally difficult to see the X-ray patient. The symptoms become invisible and suppressed. The real person is invisible. What is the purpose of x-rays? It is to see through objects in order to see if there is a deeper problem.
Individuals who need X-ray, as Vega Rozenberg has said, have "x-ray vision."
They talk about seeing problems clearly, and many times this is the characteristic role they play in the family or at work. Individuals who need X-ray will say that they are in positions requiring that they see everything that is going on around them. One X-ray patient of mine, who works as a business consultant, said, "I see through walls. My job is to know everything that is going on in the company." When there is a problem in a company, often a large corporation, he takes care of it and then leaves. No one even knows that he has been there. They have keen insight into other people and situations, along with an ability to not be seen themselves. This is an essential feature of this remedy.

So, in the case I just presented, the woman took a seat in the waiting area and observed everything that was going on. When you are around an X-ray person you feel very uncomfortable, just as my receptionist felt while this woman was watching her. They usually rise to high positions and are called upon to express wisdom and great insight.

They have, as did this woman, a strong need for control and domination, but their personalities do not seem overbearing or aggressive. It is a behind-the-scenes kind of activity. They may be involved in political intrigue.
Again, they are not seen but have great ability to perceive what needs to be done next. And their sense is usually correct. An aboriginal tribe in Australia has ancient cave drawings of x-rays of animals. It is believed that they had this x-ray vision ability or sought after it as a supernatural power.

As I said, my main impression of these individuals is their ability to see through things; very insightful and usually very successful individuals. I have also successfully given this remedy where the only indication is that the person has received multiple x-rays, although the characteristic picture may have been there if I had looked more carefully.

I've given this remedy in desperation in cases after many unsuccessful prescriptions, and some of these cases have responded very well. Many times I have gone back later and given the constitutional remedy, which then worked.
But it is important to emphasize that there is a characteristic X-Ray individual for whom X-ray is the constitutional remedy. In such a case, you want to stay with X-Ray for five or ten years. You don't want to leave the remedy too quickly.

Physical Indications
Strong sycotic miasm [Thuja., Med., Jab., X ray]. Deceptiveness. There are a number of toxicological conditions and symptoms that indicate the use of X-ray. The following are some physical indications that I have verified clinically: Deeper diseases, featuring vagueness of symptoms and deceptiveness. An underlying tendency to move into malignancy, or malignancy is present. Sterility, where there is no underlying cause. Exposure to radiation or x-rays, especially in childhood and adolescence. Obstinate diseases, especially skin diseases. All forms of injuries to the skin and ulcers that fail to heal. (Consider Lyssin when they heal too quickly.). A very high sexual desire followed by loss of sexual interest, impotency, and sterility. Aversion to meat. Lack of appetite. Better from warm, moist applications.

Bernoville remarks: X - Ray: According to Dr. Chiron these two remedies antidote each other. Radium bromide antidotes the bad effects of x - radiation in a patient who has been treated too intensely. Likewise the x - rays antidote the unfortunate effects of radium in patients who have been treated by it.

Louis Klein
email: lklein@homeopathycourses.com

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