2009 January

Vanadium muriaticum: What path shall I follow?

by Manuel Mateu Ratera
Psoriasis of face and head. Teacher – mother. What path shall I follow.?

A 32 year old woman, with two children of one year and three years of age, who suffered from scabby eruptions and flaking of the skin around the face and the head margins. The eruptions are intense, very flaking and very itchy; she also had painful and bleeding hemorrhoids.
She was doubtful if she could hold on for a year to take care of her one year old daughter. She is a teacher and likes her job, but she feels the necessity, the need and the obligation to care for her child as well as possible. She was doubtful if she could do it. It's a torture. She is very conscientious and wants to control everything.

She always had doubts, either black or white. There wasn't any solution:
   "If I have to take care of my daughter all day or work and leave her in care. I cannot stand leaving my children....I don't want to ask for time off, but I am thinking about it all day and I don't know what to do...... (she cries). It frightens me that I have to leave her for ten hours, I am frightened to go against my feelings. I am desperate to be with my daughter and to enjoy her, to see her growing and enjoying herself."
   "But I think; I have to be strong and not let myself do it. I don't think I can condition myself. I stand it for a few days and then the fear that it won't be possible comes back. It's reason against emotion. I like the work I do, I enjoy it, I think I am lucky to have this job, but I can't escape; I can't go backward or forward. I am afraid that I will end up crazy. Nobody can care for my daughter better than me and I want to control everything so she is alright."

• Doubt between one option and another (State 5 in the periodic table).
• Doubt about positioning her skills (Ferrous Series), as teacher (work – Ferrous Series) or as mother (caring theme – Muriaticums).

State 5 Ferrous Series
Prepares well Task, Duty, Profession.
Proposal, Doubts. Use,craft.
Postponing Skills, perfectionist
Avoids confrontation Routine, Order, Rules.
Hard on herself, creates mountains. Control, Exams.
Alternating Observed, Criticized
Tantalizing – tortured Failure, Guilt, Crime.
Pre..prepare oneself, precede... Persecuted,
Break the relationship – gain a relationship
Mother- child
Careful food nutrition.
Sympathetic attention as if oneself.
Sadness, Loneliness, Antisocial.


Doubt over her abilities to service her profession or to care for her children. The doubts convert themselves into torture due to her high demands and her perfectionism. Vanadium has four electrons in it's outer orbit and can give four or can receive four. That is if you have doubt. To give? To receive?

Follow Up
After a few days of taking Vanadium mur 200c, (6/06/1999), the patient makes the decision to ask for a years maternal leave and stopped doubting and torturing herself The eczema improves leaving some small signs and there is relief from pain and bleeding of the hemorrhoids. “It was terrific. The doubts ceased completely and suddenly I saw clearly; if I like doing it, why don't I do it? The causes of no disappear. Well. I know I am in my place where I should be and where I like to be. I am very busy with the children, but inside I am very well. "

The doses are repeated in 1999 - 200C because the itching started again (not very intense) and the symptoms disappeared completely until February 2000 when she started to question whether to return to work or not. "I want to present myself for exams in order to change my job and to obtain government employment; you have security, rights and you ask for things that you can't in the private sector. I would be free-er as a professional person."

Repeats VANADIUM mur 200C. and (she) starts to improve.

Later received two more doses. Took the exam and obtained the post which satisfies her.

Manuel Mateu Ratera
email: mmateu@acmcb.es

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Keywords: Vanadium muriaticum, psoriasis, doubt


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