The themes of the Actinides and the Uranium series, illustrated by three selected cases of Plutonium nitricum, Curium muriaticum, and Uranium nitricum

The author sketches the themes of the Actinides and differentiates the remedies of the Uranium series from other remedies. Two impressive cases of children who need Plutonium nitricum and Curium muriaticum directly convey the strong energy of these young patients. The Uranium nitricum case of a severely ill 60-year-old shows the enormous healing potential of these radioactive remedies.

Key concepts: Actinides, astronomy, Curium muriaticum, death, decay, energy, hyperactivity, leukemia, periodic table, pernicious anemia, Pluto, Plutonium nitricum, recurrent infections, Scholten, stages, Uranium nitricum, Uranium series

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