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Tungsten metallicum_A case of

by Wendy Hewland

FIRST VISIT Oct.16, 2000
Acne, poor concentration, congestion, coughing, yellow secretion - thick lumps, cough - lasts 3 days.

Patient’s Mom said "Her daughter when she came back from a visit to Mexico wanted to sleep with a light on. She was needy and she asked why was she sent away? It was just 3 weeks, while I had new baby and then I started working full time, I couldn’t take care of her too." Her Aunt brought her back. She tried to hit her head on the floor when her mother was pregnant with her brother.
She was very attached to her mother, "I remember nothing, but I cut baby brother’s hair, yelled at him, jumped on his stomach".
Mom said "of course new baby brother needed a lot of attention",
Mom said "we never explained it to her - we assumed she was OK and independent".

I ask about her Dreams.
Dream #1 "Last year I saw a man, cross red eyes, fever - hallucinations. After vaccines, I saw shark coming through the window".
Dream #2 "At Physical ed. the ground was moving toward me, clouds moving in the other direction, then I saw a black woman in ski mask, then I saw something on TV movie - in the story a clown, did bad stuff to children".
Since the movie she is now unable to go back to her room, now she wants to sleep with mom.
Dream #3 "Dead bodies by a pond; people eating hot dogs; a man eating animals; a really long snake.".
Headaches - car sick when reading, writing or I have to get mad. I get nauseous, > lying down, < new plastic smell of toys bad. She has to smell food before she eats it, very sensitive to unique smell.
Dream #4 "Falling for hours; fears - I’m popular at school, I wanna stay the queen, I don’t like it when new people come, I hope they are geeky".

First Rx - ACONITUM NAPELLUS 30C; 2 pellets daily for 10 days and apply Hamamelis water topically on greasy, facial acne areas.

Follow Up June 15, 2001.
In person follow-up , (better without Mother’s filter in reports on emails).
"My face is better from the Hamamelis water, but I’m still scared of that clown - though I haven’t dreamed of it, I fear that’s still there. I think he’s gonna pop out round the corner. I didn’t like science camp, only 2 hours a week, but I had to get up early in morning. The beds are very uncomfortable. The clown has red hair, a face white with a red nose and red lips. Then he changes to sharp teeth dripping from blood, 1980’s film “It”, he would eat children.
I’m craving cheese and milk - but not eating them, I argue with my little brother - like are you cheating, silly things

Q: How do you get on with Dad ?
A: "He’ll get annoyed when I don’t get math, art and history are my best subjects".
Q: Dreams?
Dream #1 "Eating at McDonald’s with my friends (3 weeks ago)".
Dream #2 "I was downtown Los Angeles at night - Dad had a chainsaw and cut up babies in half and I woke up crying". Mom says she wakes up sweating. She is trying to be independent; don’t embarrass me in front of my friends. Head had a tick - movement, her head twitches only at camp. Her attitude is I don’t care. She leads her group, she gained weight and her skin got worse. She went off her diet at camp. Teacher’s said she’s a leader and would do better in a smaller private school. Fear of heights. She passed year grade 50 pass - 66%. She’s a great designer, designs dresses, She wants to call the shop White, she wants everything perfect, we are gonna buy new car, she wants it to be a BMW, (we said no). She loves bread. She’s unmoved by parent's requests.

2nd Rx - TUNGSTEN METALLICUM 30C 2 pellets once daily for 2 weeks

Follow Up July 14, 2001
E-mail from mother: she says, "with the Tungsten Metallicum you gave me I am not scared at night, no nightmares, cravings for dairy gone, no coughing, no phelgm. I even go to sleep right away, even facial acne clearing. I think the Tungsten metallicum was just right!"

That's excellent… stop remedy now and only repeat the same dosing if symptoms come back.
@ April 2003 no symptoms returned.


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It would be helpful if you included an analysis of the case, explaining your choice of remedy.

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