The Death of Tinus Smits

Tinus Smits, the well-known Dutch homeopath and author, died on April 1st this year at the age of 63.

The American homeopath Betty Wood has just informed us that:

"I am presently attending an amazing course that I wanted to tell all of you about. Believe me when I say I entered as a skeptic and have been so impressed with the outcomes of a straightforward protocol used to detoxify vaccination (and other) damage and absolutely change the lives of autistic-spectrum-disorder children and others damaged by chemical and/or viral/bacterial insults. This is the CEASE therapy developed by Tinus Smits and his colleagues:

Sadly, this course was taught by Tinus' very skilled colleagues, Ton Jansen and An van Veer with the assistance of his son Yannick as Tinus had taken a sudden turn for the worse in his fight against cancer and was too ill to teach the course himself. Tinus left this world yesterday morning, April 1 in peace and with a smile on his face and I hope satisfied that his work will evolve and continue to work its miracles.

May his spirit live on in his work."


The Life of Tinus Smits (December 29th, 1946 – April 1st, 2010)

Tinus Smits studied homeopathy with the Phosphorus Group in Belgium alongside Jacques Imberechts and Alex Jacques.

Dr. Smits was an established doctor and opened his own homeopathic practice in Holland in 1986.

Tinus Smits became well known thanks to his article on Cuprum metallicum that appeared in the 2nd quarterly edition, 1992 of the journal Homeopathic Links. He was awarded the UGA Prize in 1992 for this.

He carried out intensive research on vaccination damage and its treatment, publishing the work Das Impfschaden-Syndrom [Vaccination Damage Syndrome].

Tinus Smits was instrumental in the founding of the International Homeopathic Clinic in Bhaktapur, Nepal.
He taught homeopathy in Europe and Nepal.

Most recently he was famed for his CEASE Therapy for Autism. His English book on this subject Autism - Beyond Despair appeared in 2010.

Tinus Smits succumbed to cancer at the age of 63.

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