2006 October

Bismuthum muriaticum, Threatened suicide of mother

by Jan Scholten
Case Bismuthum muriaticum
A woman comes with depressive moods. They are especially triggered by her sister, when she talks about the past and the incest that she had with their brother. She herself could manage to keep their brother from having sex with her, but her sister couldn’t. Her sister always blames her that she’s not taking her side, that it’s easy for her to have a more distant position and have also good feelings towards their brother because it didn’t happen to her. When her sister talks like that it makes her depressed. She gets a heavy feeling all over her and especially in her head. She gets a headache as if her head is in a vice. She also gets abdominal pains, worse from chocolate.
The same feeling of depression she has known from her youth. When she was about 10 or 11 years old her mother was quite depressed. At a certain moment her mother told her that she wanted to commit suicide and left the house. She was frightened and followed her mother outside the house. After a few hundred meters her mother sent her back home and she had a lot of fear that her mother wouldn’t return for a few hours. Since that time she was always in fear. She didn’t dare to go to school because then her mother would be alone and could commit suicide. And she did not dare to come home out of fear that she would find her mother dead.
In order to prevent the suicide she started to help her mother a lot. She helped in doing the household, washing and cooking. She hoped to make life lighter for her mother so that she wouldn’t commit suicide.

The big theme is the threatened suicide of the mother. The mother theme leads to the idea of muriaticum. This is confirmed by the taking caring for her mother and doing household work, both muriaticum themes. It is also confirmed by her fear of losing the care of her mother, but which muriaticum was the next question. The theme of death and loss reminded me of Arsenicum, but Arsenicum doesn’t have the theme of suicide and killing. That’s a theme of the Goldseries. One could think of Aurum, as Aurum is very well known for suicidal tendencies, but Aurum is in Stage 11 and that Stage doesn’t give in so easily. Stage 11 has the feeling that they can continue, although maybe with stress, but they can continue. Whereas suicide comes into the picture when someone has the feeling that all his possibilities are gone, when there’s no way out anymore. It’s indicated when all power to change things for the better is lost. Examples are; when people having lost their fortune at the stock market or a samurai has lost their honor and power. That theme of loss belongs to Stage 15. Stage 15 in the Goldseries is Bismuthum, combined with the theme of the mother leads to Bismuthum muriaticum.

One month after Bismuthum muriaticum MK, she feels much better, her depression is almost gone. The first week after the remedy she was very tired and stayed in bed the whole week, sleeping almost constantly. She only came out of bed to cook for the children. After that week she rose and felt very good. Her heaviness was gone and she felt so light that she almost felt she was floating when walking. The lamenting of her sister didn’t affect her anymore.
Peculiar was that after a month, she started to get a strong desire for raw herring. She had to buy and eat it more than twice a week for a month or two. This was in strong contrast with the past when she had a strong aversion to fish in general and raw herring especially. She couldn’t even pass a fish shop as she couldn’t stand the smell of herring and had to go at the other side of the street of the fish shop. After the two months this craving was gone.

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