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Themes of Datura arborea/ Solanaceae

by Tim Shannon ND
This is the only information I’ve seen about this remedy.
Apparently, Datura Arborea has never been proven. Rather, the information in our books is derived from a Dr. Poulson who was intoxicated by the smell of the flowers in his room.
The follow-up on this remedy is now about a year and a half. I just spoke to this patient (11/16/03) and she is still doing very well. Hopefully, this information, Materia Medica, and the use of family theory will lead others to successfully use this remedy. Eventually we will develop a more definitive clinical picture.

TENTATIVELY I consider the following themes/ideas to help differentiate this Rx from the other similar nightshades (Stram, Bell, Hyos, Mand, Dulc, & Sol-n) [Bold underlined perhaps unique to Dat-a]:
• Invisible/Incorporeal/Immaterial (Stram)
• Delusion Being Watched (Hyos)
• Heat in Liver
• Can’t Collect Thoughts, Experiencing Fragmented Thoughts, or Thinking as if Through Jello
• Acute Sense of Smell
• Beauty, Birds & Flying
• Dreams of water
• Floating outside Body

• Clairvoyance
• Rage/Animal/Impulse to Claw & Scratch
• Other standard nighshade themes, i.e. hydrophobia, insanity, demons, etc.

Datura Arborea

Information from the American Pharmacopea of 1883:

Synonym, Brugmansia Gardneri, Ruiz et Pav.
Nat. Ord., Solanaceae.
Common Name, Tree Stramonium.
This is a native of the Pacific coast, northward from Peru to California. It flowers are long, tubular, bent downward, snowy - white, and of a very sweet odor.
It was introduced to the homoeopathic profession by Dr. Poulson, United States.

An Entry from Hale:

Toxicological effect much slower than D. Stramonium, but dynamically very intense and lasting.
The odor of the flowers in a room causes considerable psychological aberration.
Causes such deep impression upon the mental sphere and faculty of concentrating ideas that I was sensibly affected a long time. (Dr. Camaun.)
A very strange feeling of pleasant ease and comfort, as if I scarcely touched the earth with my feet, and had to gather my ideas from afar, as if they were floating in the clouds.
A longing for beauty and fine scenery.
The brain seems floating in thousands of problems and grand ideas, without being able to concentrate itself, or get to any point and carry out any system of thought.
It acts mostly as a pure dynamic and semi - spiritual agent upon the sensations, without perceptible pain. (Poulson.)
He experienced a slight vertigo, and found himself involved in a most beautiful atmosphere, bright and calm as the sunlight at noon. (Camaun.)
A confusion of ideas across the cerebrum. (Ib.)
Recommended by Dr. Camaun as a remedy in some forms of emotional or functional insanity, or when the patient is happy and contented and imagines himself or herself to be some extraordinary emperor, prince, etc. (Poulson.)

From Boericke:
Cannot concentrate thoughts; brain floats in thousands of problems and grand ideas. Floating sensation as if ideas were floating outside of brain. Headache, heartburn. Burning sensation around cardiac end of stomach, extending to oesophagus with sense of constriction. Heat and fullness over liver region.

Criticism from Hale:
Dr. Poulson's estimate of the power of this remedy is, perhaps, overrated; his theory of its action rather vague. It would have been better if he had couched his language in less transcendental terms

It is interesting to note that Brugmansia was used by South American Natives to make contact with the spirits world.

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yanshen ezung
Posts: 7
mental illness
Reply #3 on : Mon March 31, 2014, 21:14:15
One guy boiled the stem and ate as it looked so fleshy.the result was that person went mad and never regain to normal life..

Posts: 7
Reply #2 on : Mon November 05, 2007, 23:41:56
archetypal plant medicine by asa hershoff lecture on the solanaceae family of plants.

Quote; Datura arborea- brugmansia
longing for beauty,fine things
chaos-brain floats in thousands of problems
delusions of grandeur,imagines himself as a emperor/prince
forehead expanded/thoughts floating in the clouds
contractions/drawing head to occiput
burning of stomach

Solanaceae,nightshade family-healing themes

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Reply #1 on : Mon November 05, 2007, 23:32:43
This flower is used in Bali Indonesia by robbers. A fine dust is made from the leaf/flower. Blown into doorway openings or open windows(keyholes) dust inhaled by occupant makes one sleep. Robbers enter in the home to steal.
This tree is considered a holy-tree and grows in the higher elevations near the volcano's,its normally found near the hindu Temples in Bali.