2009 June

The future of homeopathy / part 3

by Harry van der Zee
The Future of Homeopathy
Homeopathy for Epidemics, Collective Trauma and Endemic Diseases – Part 3

Harry van der Zee, MD

This article consists of three parts:
1. The History Of Homeopathy
2. Building On The Past
3. From Theory To Practice
Part 1 and 2 were published in previous editions of Interhomeopathy.

From Theory to Practice

In part 2 of this article I have given several suggestions that the homeopathic community could pick up to further unfold the potential of homeopathy on a global level. Both quality and quantity count if the intention is to create a wave of healing that is strong and specific enough to create lasting change in the collective.
In the following I will share some personal experiences and initiatives that have strengthened my belief that we as homeopaths can indeed extend our healing practice beyond individual pathology.

Global Proving
In 2005 with the help of Jürgen Becker I initiated a global proving. To this proving homeopaths from all continents participated and each took the remedy at the same local time, so you could say the remedy was unfolding going from East to West with the speed of the turning Earth. Three substances were proven with several months in between and the analysis of the first substance proved – Himalayan Salt – is almost finished and will be published in 2009. The analysis of the other two substances – natural silver and Arizona clay – will follow. One can imagine that hundreds of diaries make a huge amount of information and that processing these carefully takes a lot of time. The idea behind this kind of proving is that not only can a proving be used to get to know a substance but also to bring about an effect. From group provings we know that often more people besides those that take a physical dose of the remedy show symptoms. Besides that regularly synchronicities are reported occurring in the world that have meaning in the context of a proving being conducted. The larger the group of provers the wider the ripple caused by the proving substance will be. With some 200 homeopaths participating this was still a relatively small group and to study an effect beyond the participating individuals may be hard to determine, let be a global effect. (Follow the upcoming issues of Homoeopathic Links for an article on this first phase of the global proving.)
More could follow this first global proving and I invite those interested to pick up the challenge. Global provings involving a sufficient number of participants can awake the collective subconscious and thus bring the light of consciousness to a humanity that, based on the enormous suffering throughout the world, is in desperate need of it.


To create the kind of impact necessary to bring about real and lasting change many more people will need to be treated with homeopathy and in my experience the PC Resonances are ideal for that as their efficacy for some of the main conditions, like AIDS and malaria is I believe unparalleled. Treating HIV/AIDS, malaria, gonorrhoea, hepatitis etc in Africa has become incredibly simple. Based on this experience ARHF (Amma Resonance Healing Foundation) has requested Helios Pharmacy to compile a basic PC kit that includes a manual– the Amma Kit (available at www.helios.co.uk). The manual in a condensed and clear way explains the fundaments of treating epidemics, trauma and endemic diseases with homeopathy and how to apply the disease specific PC Resonances contained in the kit. A medically qualified person can be learned how to treat 14 conditions in a couple of hours. In Congo the concept has been tried out in a first clinic that now proudly wares the name Amma Clinic. Alongside the regular medical care they were already providing the PC kit is now used and more and more patients are coming and demand for this new treatment as they hear about the wonderful results. The experience with this simple, practical, cheap and effective concept is very promising and the amount of supervision needed to evaluate results with the nurses is limited. The ARHF does not have the intention or capacity to run clinics itself but wants to make this program available to all African countries and offers training and free remedies as support. Existing homeopathic clinics can easily add it to their programs but as said before any health worker can learn how to treat the major conditions the African people are suffering from in just a couple of hours. A strange notion, also for me, as like you I have walked the road of years of study and doing practice to be effectively able to stop a running nose. And here in just a few hours people can learn how to treat AIDS, malaria, war trauma, rape trauma, diabetes etc.

The first pages of this article I wrote in November on my way to Congo and Burundi. Now it is the end of January and I’m in Kenya and am just back from my second trip to Congo and Burundi. I cannot hide my excitement about the results I’ve seen there, nor do I wish to. Potentially this Amma concept can grow very fast as the investment in terms of time and funds to implement it in a clinic is minimal. The clinic in Congo is already planning to start mobile clinics for villages and to open more clinics in larger communities. Connections have been made from Burundi to Tanzania and Rwanda to also start clinics there. Among the nurses the interest to know more about homeopathy grows and a program with advanced courses to learn to also use classical homeopathy for all those cases where a genus epidemicus approach is insufficient will hopefully follow soon.

For a variety of reasons some homeopaths have reservations regarding Peter Chappell’s remedies. I hope in the interest of those that can benefit from them that their need for help and the results I share with you will outweigh these reservations. Those interested in supporting this work in Africa, either by going there to teach health workers to use the basic kit, or to provide a second phase training in homeopathy, can contact the ARHF by writing to info@ARHF.nl. Together we can make a huge difference.

Amma4India Kit
The intention is to create a similar kit for India where literally hundreds of thousands of homeopathic doctors are running clinics. The vast majority of them use clinical homeopathy, have no books, and work with a handful of remedies. A Amma4India Kit will improve their results considerably especially for the many epidemics present in India for which their present arsenal of remedies and knowledge is often insufficient. But also the small group that have developed themselves as classical homeopaths could help many more patients effectively if they would use disease specific PC remedies for malaria, dengue fever etc and safe the time consuming individualise treatment for the symptoms and conditions that are not suited for this approach.

Cases of Epidemics, Trauma, and Endemic Diseases

I will just give some short cases and will draw on those I have seen in Africa most recently. Many hundreds of cases I have treated with PC Resonances by now and their data collected. Altogether colleagues that have discovered their usefulness have treated thousands of cases of epidemic diseases with them in African countries as also India. The experience with PC Resonances for chronic diseases as a complementary or second simillimum mainly comes from Europe and the USA, but the results in Africa with what we could call endemic chronic diseases like diabetes are so stunning that these promise to become as important and useful there as those for epidemics and trauma.
The cases below were treated in Burundi and Congo where I went on invitation by Floribert Kazingufu of Cherezi foundation who is setting up clinics in Congo, started an educational project for child soldiers and created a school for 600 children called Land of Hope. It is people like him that make a true difference and can stop the ongoing tragedy of killing and rape.

A Case of HIV/AIDS:
Daniela is a seven-years-old girl born from HIV-positive parents that are both on ARVs. She herself was tested positive in 2004. Since 2006 she has symptoms. The last CD4 in June 2008 had gone down but the parents don’t know the exact number. She uses bactrim. Her appetite is bad, she has an eruption in the mouth, and lacks the energy to play with other children.
Prescription: PC1 (HIV/AIDS for female*) once daily 5 drops.
Follow-up two months later: the eruption in the mouth is gone. She is eating normally now, has gained two kilos and plays with other children. She used to be sick all the time but now she is well. Also her sleep has improved. She is just like any other child.

Comment*: because of the very different social situation for men and women in Africa in relation to AIDS two different remedies have been designed for men and women.

A Case of HIV/AIDS:
Juma is a six-year-old orphan boy (Africa today has 1,5 million AIDS orphans!). He was tested HIV-positive in May 2008 and was immediately put on ARVs. His last CD4 count measured in September was 110 units. His weight is 21 kilos. He suffers from skin eruptions that get infected, and has many times malaria or angina. He has lack of appetite, headache and pains all over the body.
Prescription: PC1 (HIV/AIDS for male) once daily 5 drops
Follow-up after 4 weeks: weighing 22 kilos now. The angina, bronchitis and fever are gone and he has no more malaria.
Three weeks later: his CD4 has gone up to 175 units and his Karnofski score has gone up from 40 (disabled, special care needed) to 90 (normal, minor symptoms).
Two weeks later: all symptoms have now disappeared. He is a normal child.

Comment: HIV-positive AIDS orphans have to deal with AIDS as also the loss of the parents due to AIDS. As losing loved ones is part of the symptom totality of the epidemic it may be expected that PC1 as a genus epidemicus remedy for AIDS also covers the loss and grief. My impression with infected AIDS orphans is that PC1 does that as these children turn into happy children that play with others and enjoy themselves. A complementary remedy to PC1 can be PC309g (adoption trauma), which has been successfully used for orphans in general.

A Case of HIV/AIDS:
Zagabe is a 53-year-old woman that developed the first symptoms of AIDS in 2002 and was diagnosed HIV-positive in 2004. With a CD4 count of 170 units she started using ARVs in 2005. She is also using septrim. Before she started with ARVs she was weighing 45 kilos. Since on ARVs she gained weight up to 62 kilos. Since June 2008 however she is losing weight again and has developed other symptoms of AIDS: tiredness, weakness, cough and chest pains. Clearly the ARVs are no longer working for her (therapy resistance, an increasing phenomenon) and again she is losing weight. Her weight at present is 57 kilos.
Prescription: PC1 once daily 5 drops
Follow-up after 4 weeks: tiredness, weakness and cough have gone, but the chest still pains.
Three weeks later: now also the pain in the chest is gone. Her weight has increased with 5 kilos to 62 kilos.

Comment: an initial aggravation is one of the signs indicating that a remedy works. If there is an initial aggravation in AIDS patients this is often expressed as diarrhoea, as the following case illustrates. Also remarkable is the very rapid cure as in just two days she is restored back to health.

A Case of HIV/AIDS:
Consolate is a 40-year-old woman tested HIV-positive in 1998 and probably had the first symptoms in 1992. She had been using ARVs since 2003 but she has become allergic to them and therapy resistance has set in. So she is losing weight and has all the typical symptoms: tired, weak, lack of appetite, muscle pains, joint pains, headache, pain in the abdomen and pain in the chest. Her weight is now 54 kilos.
Follow-up after two days: shortly after the first drops she gets more abdominal pain and that same night had a lot of diarrhoea – from 6 PM to 12 AM. Since taking the remedy she is sweating again, also at night. Ever since the symptoms of AIDS had set in again she had stopped sweating. Now she is sweating normally again and doesn’t need to cover herself up at night any longer, as she is no longer cold (at night in Bujumbura it is usually still quite warm). She is also thirstier now. The pain in the abdomen and chest has already subsided considerably and for the rest she feels completely fine.
Two months later: no symptoms whatsoever and gaining weight.

A Case of Gonorrhoea:
Jikito is a 36-year-old woman and is scheduled for an operation in two weeks. For three months already she is suffering from intense pains in the womb and continuous bloody discharge. It disables her considerably and she cannot work. An ultrasound she had with her showed cysts in the womb. On inquiring it appeared that two months before all this started she had an infection, which based on the symptoms and the prevalence of the disease, I assumed was gonorrhoea.
Prescription: PC180g (gonorrhoea) once daily 5 drops
Follow-up after 8 days: after the first dose she discharged great lumps of blood that looked like meat. The next day the pains were practically gone and she went back to work. Four days later she was beaming and cancelled the operation. Pain and discharge had completely stopped. On a new ultrasound the uterus appears completely normal now.
After 10 weeks: doing well, no complaints. In church she stood up and testified about the wonderful cure she experienced.

Comment: in Africa I observed the onset of a chronic complaint following an acute infection much more clearly than in Europe. Here the time between the infection with gonococcus and the onset of a chronic complaint was short as also the existence of the chronic complaint. Many more cases have been observed of complaints starting ever since an infection occurred; often 10 years are more ago. Recurrent bladder infections and/or vaginitis following gonorrhoea is very prevalent and PC180g (gonorrhoea) is extremely effective. Of course the partner is also advised to take it, and a partner having urinary complaints is a good confirmation of the diagnosis. I’ve seen lots of cases of infertility with a history of vaginitis, most likely gonorrhoea. We’ll have to wait and see on the long term how many of these women will become pregnant. Starting with a bottle of PC180g (gonorrhoea) is a standard approach with infertility unless it is very clear there is another cause.

A Case of Gonorrhoea and Malaria:
Christelle is 35 years and has malaria 10 times in a year, has a range of chronic malaria symptoms and besides that suffers from vaginitis with itching and discharge since 5 years.
Comment: I’ve observed several cases in which there is a relationship between malaria and gonorrhoea. In area’s where malaria is endemic the immune system of healthy people is strong enough to prevent them from getting malaria. Gonorrhoea, and likely also the treatment of it, is one way of weakening the immune system, and several cases have been observed where people reported that they never had malaria until a couple of months following gonorrhoea. In those cases it is advisable to start with PC240m (malaria) to be followed by PC180g (gonorrhoea).
Prescription: a combination of curiosity and lacking dropper bottles made me combine PC180g and PC240m in one bottle. Lots of opinions about that, including my own, but let’s see what the experience is here.
Follow-up after 5 days: in response to the medication she felt a pain in her right shoulder extending to the head which then went away. The pain she had in the lower abdomen doubled for a short time and then went away together with the discharge. The itching is a lot better since the discharge has stopped. The headaches and vertigo have improved as also cramps she used to have all over her body. The pain in her joints is completely gone. Her head is still sensitive to the sun
After four weeks: all symptoms of chronic malaria and chronic vaginitis have gone. No malaria as yet.
After ten month: is completely fine. No malaria.

Comment: despite the combination she responded according the laws of healing. She had a short aggravation, and then was relieved of all symptoms and shows increased health by having no malaria as to now.

Comment: next to PC1 for HIV/AIDS the PC Resonance for malaria has the one that has been used most in previous years. Hundreds of cases of acute and chronic malaria have been treated with great success. Besides curative the remedy clearly also works prophylactic. At a school with 600 pupils the teachers treated a group of children that had malaria a lot for two weeks early November 2008. Their chronic symptoms resolved and they had no malaria any more until now (end of January 2009). In the not treated group malaria was still there so now all children in the school will be treated following the following protocol. PC240m once daily 5 drops on school days for two weeks. One month later once daily 5 drops for one week. After that once a month 5 drops. By the end of 2009 we expect to have a good impression of the results.

Comment: in acute malaria PC240m should be given every 30-60 minutes until clear improvement sets in and the intervals can be made longer. Although an acute attack is supposed to last 72 hours, once the treatment has started patients are normally well within 12 hours.

Comment: I have observed that in many cases of chronic malaria also typhoid is present. On PC240m the majority of the symptoms disappear but pain in the abdomen may remain for which complementary treatment is needed. PC302v is an option for that. It is not included in the Amma Kit and should be ordered separately.

A Case of Tuberculosis:
Marie is a 70-year-old woman having chronic pulmonary tuberculosis since three years. In the beginning she was treated with antibiotics for six months and was okay for some time but then the complaints came back. She has a painful cough and coughs up blood every day. The abdomen has become painful from all the coughing.
Prescription: PC300t (tuberculosis) once daily 5 drops.
Follow-up after 5 days: on coming home after the first dose she coughed up a lot of blood, much more than normal. That was the last time she coughed up blood. The cough started to become less painful and since yesterday (fourth day) the cough has completed stopped.
After ten weeks: is reported still being well.

Comment: despite her age this woman shows a remarkable cure with an aggravation within hours after the first dose followed by a very rapid cure. Usually it takes longer for a patient to become well and my advice now is to take the remedy 2-3 times daily. Especially in AIDS-patients that often also have TB, as also lots of other infections, the patient may need more time to recover. If in an AIDS-patient TB is most prominent we advice to start with PC300t and to also give PC1 as soon as the TB symptoms are clearly subsiding. In cases where AIDS-symptoms are most prominent we start with PC1 and have observed that often the improved immune status is enough for the patient to clear tuberculosis on PC1 alone.

A Case of Rape and Gonorrhoea:
Marcelline is 38 years old and was raped by two soldiers four years and became pregnant. It was an extra-uterine pregnancy and the foetus was aborted. Now during intercourse she has a lot of pain, “as if they are trying to put a tree inside”. She has vaginal infection regularly. Every time she has pain she thinks about the rape, and every since the rape she is fearful on seeing a man. The joy of sex is gone, and instead she is afraid of it because of the pain. During intercourse anger comes out.
Prescription: PC435p (rape and sexual abuse) once daily 5 drops.
Comment: I had used this remedy only once in Holland with good results but had no idea whether and how it would work in Congo, where thousands and thousands of women have been raped by rebels or soldiers.
Follow-up after 10 weeks: “the thoughts about rape have disappeared. I have no longer an aversion to sex but desire it very much now. No more fear; I enjoy it now. When I see men I’m no longer afraid. No more anger even though having sex is still painful.”
Nevertheless there are still the physical problems of pain with intercourse and vaginal discharge. The pain though doesn’t raise anger anymore and doesn’t prevent her from enjoying intercourse. Most likely this is caused by gonorrhoea due to the rape.
Prescription: PC180g (gonorrhoea) - no follow-up yet, but as many women with similar complaints improved on it I trust it will help her.

Comment: I am so happy with this wonderful result. On video you see the lady beaming with joy and to me it is amazing to see how just a few drops could rid her this past trauma. During my first trip to DR Congo, entering from Burundi into Kivu province, she was one of the few cases of rape that I saw, and all cases responded well. We were advised not go deeper into Congo, but on my second trip it seemed to be more quiet and we went to Bukavu, a city that saw the number of inhabitants double due to streams of refugees. There I treated more women and we hope to be able to set up a permanent clinic there. The women that shared their experiences with me made me aware of how the act of rape is only part, sometimes even a smaller part, of their trauma. Let me compile the typical story:
Rebels enter the house and demand the women to undress. She refuses after which they torture her with guns, knives and sticks. Many still carry scars from the severe wounds inflicted. Then several of them rape her in front of her children, or the children have escaped the house and try to hide in the woods. Elderly children they may take with them and kill them later or use them for their purposes as child soldiers. If the husband is there they first kill him. A way is to lock him into the hut and to set fire to it and then rape his wife. If the husband was not there and finds out about the situation he usually chases his wife and the (remaining) children away. They walk to the city where she tries to earn some money by carrying heavy loads. She earns just enough to pay some food for herself and the children, but as she cannot pay school fees her children are expelled from school, and have, as the women express it, no future. So many of these women experience trauma piled on trauma and end up doing the heaviest work for the lowest fee while their children roam the streets.
Although PC435p (rape) and PC304x (genocide/war trauma – see next case) give a wonderful healing response it may be clear that on a very practical level more is needed to improve the fate of these women and their children.
Not only in the war torn region of Rwanda, Burundi and Congo is rape a huge issue. In South Africa for instance a girl has a higher chance of being raped than to be taught how to read! One could say that rape is endemic to most of Africa making it a symptom of a collective derangement. The long term effects are of course huge, AIDS being just one expression of the underlying trauma. To stop this we can contribute by treating all victims of it, rapists and raped alike.

A Case of War Trauma:
Zuwena is diagnosed with cardiomyopathy and dilatation of the heart. It all started in 1997 during her 4th pregnancy during the time that the war broke out. One day she woke up and found many dead bodies in the street and saw a dog eating from a dead body. That image has ever stayed with her. “Maybe”, she says, “that cause my depression”.
Prescription: PC304x (genocide / war trauma – a remedy made by Peter in Rwanda when he was confronted with the effects of the genocide of 1994) once daily 5 drops.
Follow-up after 6 days: after the remedy she first had an aggravation with pain in the chest. That pain is now gone. She is still easily out of breath but the images of the war are gone.
After 2 months: When a few days ago the police were searching the house looking for illegal immigrants the fear came back and she felt as if her heart broke into two. The images of the war never came back and she no longer dreams of the war. The heart symptoms are the same.
Prescription: repeat PC304x daily for one week and then start with Cactus 200K one dose per week.

Comment: since the focus of the paper is on collective issues the impression may arise that the normal homeopathic remedies no longer matter. That is far besides the truth and the above case shows how regular homeopathic remedies and PC Resonances can complement each other.

Comment: many more cases like this have been treated with PC304x with good results. It is the war, the genocide, that is the true totality of the disease and each patient has experienced a part of the horror and expresses a part of the totality of the symptoms.
In the same school where children were lined up to get 5 drops to treat malaria we also treated several children that had lost parents in the war (400 of the 600 children are orphan!) or had been recruited against their will (dragged from their parents’ huts) to become child soldiers. Trauma is all over their faces, their eyes turned inside or staring into a void. When I returned to the school two months later I interviewed them and they told me how they had improved. That the tormenting thoughts and dreams had stopped. Their teachers told they could concentrate now in class and looked so much brighter.

Comment: many traumatised patients on narrating their symptoms say they have hypertension. What it boils down to is that they have anxiety with palpitation and hyperventilation and often fear of death.
In the Amma Kit there is a remedy for hypertension included because of the very positive experiences with it in a clinic in Kenya. There they have treated lots of cases with true hypertension with good results. My personal experience with hypertension in Holland using classical homeopathy is not very positive, but PC423z (hypertension) works very well in Africa.

A Case of Diabetes:
Zaituni is a 51-year-old woman that was diagnosed having diabetes in 1993. She injects insulin. She complaints of pain in the lower back, she has to urinate very often and sometimes the urine doesn’t come immediately. Glycaemia 345,9 mg/dl (N55-115) or 19,2 Mmol/l
Prescription: PC158n (diabetes mellitus – all forms) once daily 5 drops.
Follow-up 10 weeks later: “I’m no longer urinating a lot of times. The mouth is no longer dry and I don’t need to drink a lot of water any more.” Her blood sugars have become normal! Already two weeks after starting the remedy the blood sugar went down from 19,2 to 5,6 Mmol/l.

Comment: I had little to no experience with this remedy and my general experience with treating diabetes with homeopathy was simply not as I would love it to be – free from symptoms and back to normal blood sugars. So these results in Africa have been a big surprise for me. We can have all kinds of convictions and theories but cannot deny reality. I used to be a strong believer of the dogma that a case of diabetes as many other chronic diseases should be individualise. The clinic in Congo has now treated more than a dozen of cases and a response as in the above cases is their general experience! We cannot ignore that and need to understand that an ideal treatment for a chronic disease combines a disease specific simillimum with a patient specific simillimum. With diabetes in Africa just the resonance for diabetes alone appears to be enough. Diabetes could be called endemic in Africa and is based on a genetic preposition as also culture and diet. My impression is that there is a very simple rule that will usually hold true: the more common a disease is the less it is necessary to individualise for the patient.
The following case simply left me silent.

A Case of Diabetes:
Zakia is a 40-year-old woman. She was diagnosed with diabetes in 2005 and takes insulin since 2007. Despite the insulin her blood sugar is still 189 mg/dl.
Prescription: PC158n (diabetes) once daily 5 drops.
Follow-up: she has been followed up by the nurse who reports the below after 10 weeks treatment. Her tiredness improved quickly and is now completely gone. Before she could only walk short distances but now there are no limitations and she is much more active. Due to this and to the fact that her appetite is no longer increased her weight went down from 75 to 68 kilos. Without consulting the nurse she decided to stop injecting insulin, as her simple reasoning was that she was feeling fine. Without insulin she keeps feeling well and on checking her blood sugar this appeared now to be normal - 78 mg/dl.

Comment: in large parts of Africa people need to pay their medication themselves. With diabetes we have seen people telling that sometimes, when they can afford it, they take a tablet or an injection. Others can never afford it. With an effective remedy that hardly costs anything this provides a wonderful alternative.


I could include many more cases. They would all add to the same conclusion.

Yes We Can!

1. We can treat endemic and collective trauma effectively and thus by using a genus epidemicus approach heal the collective and prevent whatever else would have grown out of the trauma – repeated trauma, epidemic diseases, chronic diseases.
2. We can treat epidemics effectively. Easier than with one remedy for one disease as in the above cases it can hardly be imagined. The consequence is that in countries lacking homeopathic skills nevertheless all suffering from epidemic diseases can be treated homeopathically. All that is needed is a short training.
3. Yes there are diseases that do respond well to a diseased oriented prescription, ideally complemented with individualise treatment.
It means that classical homeopathy and clinical homeopathy are allies instead of foes and together can successfully answer to the needs of our time.

For More Information

Amma Resonance Healing Foundation – www.ARHF.nl
Peter Chappell, The Second Simillimum, Homeolinks Publishers – www.homeolinks.nl
Amma Kit plus Manual (small edition) – www.helios.co.uk
Amma Manual (larger edition) available for €3,99 (no mailing costs) at www.homeolinks.nl

© Harry van der Zee 2009

Keywords: Epidemics, Collective Trauma, Endemic Diseases. Jürgen Becker, global proving, Himalayan Salt, natural silver, Arizona clay, ARHF, Amma Resonance Healing Foundation, Peter Chappell, Amma4India Kit, malaria, dengue fever, PC Resonances, diabetes, Floribert Kazingufu, Cherezi foundation, ARV, bactrim, PC1AF, HIV-positive, PC309g, septrim, PC180g, gonorrhoea, malaria, PC240m, PC302v, typhoid, tuberculosis, PC300t, PC435p, rape and sexual abuse, PC304x, genocide, war trauma, cardiomyopathy, dilatation of the heart, Cactus 200K, hypertension, anxiety with palpitation, hyperventilation ,fear of death, PC423z, PC158n, diabetes mellitus


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Reply #1 on : Tue June 02, 2009, 07:44:11
Thanks for cases, we need more doctors to share PC-cases, here mine:

early-childhood autism: PC124e for 8 year autistic + retarded boy in Taiwan; first words in his 8 year old life and beginning to look in his fathers eyes after taking PC124e every second day for about 2 weeks; further improvement for some months, than I lost contact.

PC + normal homoeopathic treatment: 1 case mamma-Ca had positive reactions after PC2145d, but no cure; one case prostata-Ca-metastases had no reaction to appropriate PC-remedy; 18 year old boy with signs of Asperger-autism got only slightly better social contacts after 1 month PC124e; 40 years old man with asthma and neurodermatitis had no reaction to PC160e stopped it after 2 weeks.

To apply PC-Remedies further we need more information: HOW IT IS MADE; WHAT are the DESEASE-IDEAS+ SYMPTOMS of the remedy one will apply; to use always unknown remedy (black-box-treatment), will limit PC-treatment-success, -dissemination + improvement of the method.